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Growing your own food, canning, fermenting, and preserving old traditions is the new way of living... and it's beautiful.

I believe that real nutrition and real food matters, and we get that from food we prepare and preserve ourselves. Foods without additives, dyes, preservatives, or artificial colors and flavors... you know, the type of food our grandparents ate.

I also believe that self sufficiency and being prepared doesn't need to be stockpiles of cardboard-like MREs, bunkers, or doomsday bug out plans.

It can simply be making sure that your pantry is full of jars you canned yourself, ferments to increase your immune system, and dehydrated fruits for the kids to snack on all winter long.

The world may feel hectic right now, but inside these doors our food has soul and our hearts are full.

Won't you join us?

Start your food preservation journey with

a few basics...

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Food Preservation Classes 

Learn to Can, Infuse, Lacto Ferment, and More

canning fermentation course classes

The Traditional Food Preservation course is a way for you to learn how to safely preserve your own food through canning, fermenting, and more. 

You'll learn how to:

  • make jams and jellies, 
  • pressure can soups and meats,
  • make vinegars,
  • ferment vegetables and sauerkraut,
  • dehydrate fruit leather, and so much more.

Every recipe is delicious, requires only simple, whole ingredients, and has been created according to modern safety standards. Add a skill to your homesteading tool belt with these fun, short classes!