15 Blog Photo Props You Already Have at Home

blog photo props

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When I first started creating flat lays and pretty desktop images for my blog, I had no idea how many amazing props I already had laying around the house right in plain sight.

I guess the more you get used to seeing your stuff, the less it crosses your mind that it could be used for something else!

Once I took the time to really look around the room and try to “see” the props I already had on hand, I found that I actually had tons of them.

If you're thinking about staging and shooting your own blog photos, I highly recommend starting with some props you have already laying around. You don't want to spend a bunch of money buying new ones only to find out that styling, shooting, and editing your own photos isn't for you!

So with that being said, here are my favorite everyday props for styling flat lay photos.

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Grab Plants from Your Garden

If you've checked out my styled stock photos, you know that I absolutely love using plants in my images. Plants add texture and dimension to a photo that is really hard to get with any other type of prop.

For the same reason people love putting plants in their houses, I love putting plants in my images. If you have some succulents laying around, garden herbs, or even some wild flowers growing nearby, you can add these in to really spruce up your blog photos.

Want to try your hand at shooting your blog flatlays? Here are 15 props you already have at home!  https://bit.ly/2ucLeuZ

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Tea Cups and Coffee Mugs

Tea cups and coffee mugs filled with delicious beverages are super popular right now among brand stylists.

Something about the sight of a fresh cup of joe on a pretty work desk makes people feel inspired about their work.

And since just about everybody has either a mug or a teacup laying around, this would make a super easy prop to add to your photos!

Everyday Photo Props

Notebooks, Pens, and Staplers Galore

Office supplies are one of the more obvious prop ideas that come to mind. Just about anything you've got in your office can be used to style a pretty flat lay.

And if you don't like the color? Spray paint it. You can quickly turn a boring tape dispenser or stapler into a gorgeous one with some simple gold or high-gloss black spray paint.

Muffins, Cupcakes, and Other Pretty Pastries

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty darn motivated by food. Seeing a hot, fresh blueberry muffin next to a cup of tea on my work desk looks like absolute work heaven to me.

If you're looking for cheap and easy prop ideas, consider whipping up a batch of fresh cookies, muffins, or a lovely fruit platter. Just about any attractive looking food will add texture and emotion to your photos. Not to mention, you can eat them when you're done! 

Oh So Lovely Furniture

If you're looking for pretty backgrounds for your desktop images, furniture is a great place to start. You can easily place white foam board around the edges to help evenly distribute the light and create a white back wall for that pretty vase sitting atop your buffet table.

And if you don't have any pretty furniture laying around, check around on Craigslist for vintage freebies and other cheap finds. If you're like me, you might even get into restoring old furniture... But that's a post for another day.

Those Cute Dish Towels Your Mom Gave You

Have some pretty dish towels on hand? A perfectly (or imperfectly!) folded dish towel and a cup of tea or a pastry can really liven up a photo.

You can also use tablecloths, curtains, and any other nice fabric you have laying on hand.

Scarves (How French!)

Scarves are one of my best secrets for incorporating more texture into my photos. They're small, light, and they always come in the most beautiful fabrics.

If you have a small selection of scarves in your closet, consider pulling them out and using them to add color to your photos. And if you don't have any you like, I've found that you can always find pretty scarves at local thrift shops for just a couple bucks a piece.


Sweaters, But Not From Your College Days

Drag out those pretty winter sweaters and get ready to put them to good use this summer! Sweaters can easily be paired with notebooks, candles, pastries, and hot drinks to give a cozy feel to your flatlays.

Sexy Sunglasses

Long story short, sunglasses make everything look cool. If you have a pair laying around, throw it on to your work board  and see what happens. You may just love it!

Fresh Candles

Oh candles. I couldn't leave you off of this list. Candles look great with everything.

My biggest tip here is to just make sure that they are super clean, preferably unused. Nothing looks worse than a melted candle with dirt seeping into the wax!

Colorful Drinks & Cocktails

If you are really strapped for props, here's an idea. Grab the prettiest clear glass in your house, add some ice, water, and a little red food coloring.  Then stir it up! No one will ever know.

Books & Magazines

I love using books and magazines in my props. Something about the pages gives that super romantic cafe vibe that I love. Bonus points if you happen to have some super old books from the early 1900's.

Glass Jars & Whimsical Vases

So many jars. I've used makeup jars, mason jars, candle holding jars, and basically every kind of clear jar you can think of. Add a little water and a candle or some greenery from your yard and voila! A super pretty, cheap prop that you already have at home.


As long as the packaging is in good shape, adding a little makeup to your photos will add some serious glam. I recommend using lipsticks and nail polishes as they seem to be the most attractive overall. If you're a beauty blogger however, go crazy with allllll the makeup!

Understated Jewelry

Jewelry is another of my favorites. Whether you're creating flatlays or lifestyle images, a little tasteful jewelry will really add some color and glam to your photos.

So... how many things on this list do you already have laying around at home? 

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