9 Blog Photography Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier

blog photography tools

When I first started creating styled stock images, I had no idea what I would need to get started besides just my camera and some good lights. As it turns out, I soon learned that there are tons of everyday props you can find already in your house! 

Besides props, there are a few pieces of equipment and styling tools I highly recommend to anyone starting out with blog photography.

The reality is that you want to create the best images possible, and you need them to be great if you want your blog and business to really shine among all the rest.

Humans are super visual, and we subconsciously judge people and things by their appearance within seconds. So much for the whole “don't judge a book by its cover” thing…

So what tools and pretty things do you need to create your show stoppers? Let's get into it!

Light Tent

One thing absolutely every blog photographer needs is a light tent or light box. A light box distributes the light evenly across your props, removing shadows and brightening the entire image. It's an absolutely essential tool to creating gorgeous, bright, airy photos. 

Did I mention that you can make one yourself for less than $5 if you don't want to buy a pre-made one? You can! Just about any craft store will sell white foam board pieces that can be taped together into an open-faced box and used as a light box.

White Wood Photo Backdrop

I absolutely adore this rustic white wood background vinyl sheet. Vinyl backgrounds are excellent for photography when you don't have the real thing to style your props with.

Good ones will prevent a glare and look just about exactly the same as the real thing. They also come in a variety of styles and colors to suit the look and feel of your business.

white wood backdrop
Blog Photography Tools

Photo Light Stands

photography lighting kit

One of my best tips for getting super bright and clean looking photos is to add additional white light when you are shooting.

I use this lighting kit from Amazon and really like it. It's great for adding a little extra boost when I am shooting in natural light. 

I will say, however, that this kit isn't strong enough to create bright photos without some natural light coming in. If you plan to take some of your photos after dark, I recommend adding some super high-powered light bulbs to these stands.

Camera Tripod

Want to know the secret to getting those super crisp, clear photos you see on Pinterest? You need to put your camera on a tripod

As still as we think our hands can get, the reality is that a tripod will do a better job than we ever could and it will save your back from stooping for hours trying to get all the shots.

Camera tripod

Marble Background

marble background instagram

Oh marble, it's all the rage these days. I'm not going to lie, I love me a light marble background! But if you don't have a real marble table top (or you don't have the muscles to move it all over the house!), this marble contact sheet will get the job done.

Just a little tip- this marble sheet comes in a roll, and you might find that it doesn't lay out perfectly flat when you go to use it. To get it super flat, cut a 2ft piece off, turn it over and iron the back carefully with your iron on low and covered by a soft cloth.

Once the vinyl is really flat, remove the adhesive backing and paste the sheet on to a foam board. I used this marble sheet for a long time. My only regret is not storing it flat against a wall- I wrinkled mine by accidentally setting heavy boxes on top of it!

Diamond Pens

Pretty feminine pens

Aren't these just some of the prettiest pens you've ever seen? If you are in a more feminine and glitzy niche, these rose gold diamond pens will spruce up any flat lay.

I would pair them with a notebook and maybe a pair of cute headphones, a cup of coffee, and a magazine for a fun workday look.  

Reflector Kit

If you plan on taking any lifestyle shots or want to take any photos outside of your lightbox, you will definitely need reflectors.

Reflectors help bounce light back onto your subject from every angle to prevent shadowing and dark spots. They are one of the secrets photographers use to create glowing images that pop.

Photography Reflector Kit

Brick Wall and Wood Floor Backdrop

Brick Wood Backdrop

I haven't actually purchased this background yet, but it's been on my mind as an amazing background for styled desktops and and lifestyle images.

If you plan on setting up a lovely desk or modeling some of your wares, this brick wall and wood floor backdrop would be a really nice studio look.

Pretty Notebooks

I couldn't resist. I'm a total notebook addict. It's a weird obsession of mine that I haven't quite been able to kick. So in honor of that, here are a few gorgeous notebooks for your next photo shoot.

I've found that there are about a million ways you can use beautiful notebooks to make your flatlays stand out. I like to add cups of coffee, pretty pens, a candle, and a small plant to mine.

pretty notebooks

Does This Sound Like Too Much To Buy?

I get it. Between the camera and the lights and the reflectors, plus props and backgrounds, creating your own blog images can get expensive fast. But it doesn't have to!

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