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A Successful About Me Template You Can Copy and Paste 

simple about me template copy paste

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If you're like the rest of us, you've probably sat down to write the about me page for your blog and froze.  

What should you even say?  

How do you make this sound natural?  

How do you write an about me without feeling so darn weird about it?

These are all good questions, and lucky for you I'm going to be giving you an about me template that you can copy and paste for your blog too.

Of course, you'll need to put in your own information!

But this post will give you the structural bones to create a really good about me page.

Successful About Me Page Template 

This template is broken up into the four parts you will need to cover to help establish a connection with your readers, demonstrate your credibility, and make them want to learn more from you.

If writing these pieces out feels hard, commit to just one per day (it's only a paragraph!) and you'll have it done in no time. 

A successful about me template you can copy and paste

Section 1. Who You Help and How

The very first piece to a really good about me page is the “who you help and how” elevator pitch. 

It goes something like this. 

My name is… and I help… do XYZ. 

My name is Carley and I help new mothers learn to breastfeed without the pain and struggle. 

I'm Alana and I help teenage girls learn practical self worth and self improvement skills for a better future. 

While your elevator pitch is typically just a sentence or two, you can also follow it up with other information that's personal to you.

Let people know what your hobbies are, what your family looks like, what pets you have, and what your big goals for the future are. 

According to Forbes, your "likeability" is one of the biggest indicators of future success (aka, people buying from you.) And using your about me page to give an insider's view of your life increases your likeability in your readers eyes.

This portion of your about me page is the quick glance. Ideally, if your reader were only to read the first few sentences of this page, they should be able to walk away knowing whether this is the right place for them or not.

free about me template for bloggers

Section 2. Your Backstory and What Led You Here

The second piece to an awesome about me page is following up your elevator pitch with your backstory. People will want to know how you got to where you are today! This is your chance to share your story, which is so important.  

People remember stories more than facts and statistics, so if you can lay out your story as a journey you went through, all the better.  

  • How did you start teaching what you teach?  
  • What experience did you have that made you interested in this area?  
  • Why do you care about what you write about so much? 

Your backstory doesn't have to go all the way back to the third grade. Nope, you can pretty much start it wherever it seems relevant!  

For example, if you got into yoga after a car accident that left you needing rehabilitation, that would make a powerful story for your about me page. 

If you started learning about personal finance after finding yourself deeply in debt, and ultimately ended up teaching what you've learned, that would make a great story as well. 

Most good stories follow either the hero or the guide archetype, and yours should too.

If you don't feel that you are an expert on your topic necessarily, but are more sharing what you've learned, this would be the guide archetype.  

Share with your readers what brought you to your blog topic, what profound experience solidified your interest in it, and how you are sharing what you've learned with others just like you.

Section 3. What You’ve Accomplished in Your Niche

The third piece to a really good about me page is to give a little bit of credibility.

What have you accomplished? What would your readers like to know about you? What makes you know what you're talking about? 

Now, before you panic, credibility does NOT mean you need to be an expert on the topic or know everything there is to know about it. Relax! 

Credibility can be your interest in something, it can be your education, or it can simply be your experience.

If you got yourself in a major debt hole one time and dug yourself out, that's certainly enough credibility to talk about personal finance!  

If you have some formal education through a university, or informal education through courses and trainings, that can be a source of credibility too. Heck, even a deep passion and interest in a subject is enough credibility to teach it. 

Another great way to showcase your credibility is to mention any products or courses you've created. Having built your own products is a HUGE accomplishment and sets you apart from others in the blogging sphere who haven't reached that point yet. So don't forget to mention them!

You can check out my blogging courses and workshops here.

All that being said, I think that often times people get a little hung up on the credibility portion. Sometimes we assume that to have credibility we need to be a nationwide expert on a particular subject.

And that couldn't be further from the truth. Your experience and your interests count, so talk about them!

Section 4. How Readers Can Get the Most From You

The last piece you want to make sure you have on your about me page is how readers can get the most from you.

After you've told them how you can help them and what your story is, they're going to be left with a feeling of what's next? 

This is the place to share your most popular blog posts, your products, and other places they can find you like podcast interviews or media appearances. The end of your about me page is definitely the place to showcase your best work.  

free about me template for blog

If you want them to become involved with you, you'll want to give them a quick list of links to super popular content you know they will enjoy.

Remember, the most important thing to keep in mind in your business is to be helpful.

When you help others, they want to see more from you, and that's the backbone of your business.


Writing your about me page shouldn't take more than a couple hours! If you follow my simple formula for writing an effective about me page, you'll be able to make a strong connection with your readers and encourage them to join your email  list at the same time.

Here's my formula for writing an awesome about me page:

  1. Tell them who you help and how.
  2. Share your backstory and how you got to where you are today.
  3. Share your accomplishments and credibility factors.
  4. Let your readers know how they can get the most from you.

Question- Did this about page formula help you write yours, and if so, what do you really want your readers to know about you more than anything? Let me know in the comments!

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