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The Best Blogging Courses of 2020

best blogging courses 2020

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Investing in high-quality blogging courses from bloggers who have the skill and experience to teach their craft was the turning point in my transformation from hobby blogger to money making blogger. 

I spent a lot of time thinking I could learn it all myself. I speculated that with all of the free information out there, all I would need to do is absorb as much of it as possible and then I would know what to do. I really, really believed that.  

So what changed?  

One day when I was years into blogging, it suddenly hit me.

I had been blogging for years. I had good traffic, and a quickly growing email list. And yet, I still for the life of me could not figure out how to turn my blog into income.  

I followed all of the podcasts, read all of the blogs, and downloaded all of the blogging freebies. And I had nothing to show for it. 

It finally hit me that maybe, just maybe, I needed to get some instruction from someone who had been there. Shocking, right? 

I don't know why it took me so long to accept this truth. We don't expect people to learn how to build houses by watching YouTube videos, or become engineers by reading textbooks.  

And yet, for some crazy reason, many of us feel that we can learn how to run a fully fledged online business with absolutely no help except for a few free resources online.

blogging courses

When you look at it like that, it's nuts. I wish I had realized that sooner. 

The couple hundred dollars I I wanted to save on buying courses would have been easily repaid within a matter of months had I just gotten some instruction.  

It is my biggest blogging regret to date. 

Once I began taking blogging courses, I quickly found that I absolutely love learning from them! The knowledge is so straightforward, so easily explained, and so useful that it's now my preferred way to learn about online business.  

Sure, I still listen to podcasts and read a few blog posts here and there. But when I need to learn something important for my business, I no longer go looking for free resources. I buy them, and I'm always glad when I do. 

Now, don't take this to mean that you need to spend thousands of dollars on courses if you want to be successful. You certainly don't! 

What I am saying however, is that if you are hitting a wall in a certain aspect of your online business, you may need to purchase training on that particular topic.

Sometimes just having someone else lay it out for you and show you how they got past that problem can make all the difference. 

In today's post, I want to share the best blogging courses I’ve taken that I know will help you drastically increase your blog traffic, create a monetization system within your business, and scale your online business to six figures and beyond. 

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is the blog traffic course I took that ultimately tripled my blog traffic in a matter of months.

It was created by a couple of awesome bloggers who hacked their way to millions of monthly page views from Pinterest after cracking the Pinterest code.  

Their course is a video course that shows you everything you need to know from getting started on Pinterest to the advanced strategies that will give you the biggest bang for your buck. 

The creators of Pinterest Traffic Avalanche are Alex and Lauren of the blog Create and Go. 

After a couple of failed blogs, they were able to take their health and wellness blog Avocadu from zero to six figures in one year. 

(For all of you who just started comparing yourself right now, stop! Alex and Lauren are very much incredible bloggers, but they are also two people who quit their jobs to work full-time on their business. You and I are mamas who are working part-time on our blogs and don't have a second person doing it with us. You just can't compare apples to oranges!) 

best blogging courses 2020

After having such success with Avocadu, they decided to start Create and Go to teach other bloggers what they know. Does this sound familiar? 

Thankfully for us, Alex and Lauren update Pinterest Traffic Avalanche several times a year to keep up with the changing trends in Pinterest.

This has been a huge benefit to me because I honestly feel like I simply don't have time to keep up with these algorithm changes on my own.  

Pinterest seems to change things up constantly, and it can be a total drag when something works one day and stops working the next. Of course, there will always be some ups and downs with Pinterest traffic.

But that being said, I've loved the results I've gotten from their course and feel secure in knowing that somebody else is doing all of the testing and research for me. I just show up to read the results and implement them.

Build A Profitable Blog 

You didn't think I would write a best blogging courses of 2020 post and not include MY course, did you? 

I'm adding Build A Profitable Blog to this list because I truly believe it is one of the best blogging for business courses out there.

I'm on a mission to teach thousands of women across the world how to create profitable blogs that support themselves and their children, all while writing about topics they love and are interested in. 

Build A Profitable Blog takes you on a start to finish journey from setting up your blog to getting traffic to earning an income. 

best blogging courses 2020

There are over 50 short, bite-sized video lessons that break down each task step-by-step. The course also includes a 30-day roadmap that gives you an overview of exactly what you should be working on each week.

This roadmap will help keep you on track, motivated, and getting the right things done at the right time.

Six Figure Blogger 

best blogging courses 2020

If you're an intermediate blogger who is already making money from your blog but would like to make more, this is the course for you.  

Six Figure Blogger is meant for bloggers who are already making $1,000 per month or more from their blogs and want to scale that up to six figures. This is another course by Alex and Lauren, and it's probably my favorite course I've ever taken. 

This course dives into how to create your own digital products like ebooks and courses, and use your email list to sell them on autopilot.

They provide exact sales funnel templates that they have successfully used in their business to earn more than $140,000 per month! Yep, their blogs are doing VERY well. 

Alex and Lauren show you not only how to create your own course or ebook, but they also show you how to sell it. To me, that is the most important part because it's often the most complicated. 

Smart Social Media 

If you're serious about increasing your blog traffic in the new year and you want to use social media to do it, this course by Sandra Clayton is the absolute best. I took Smart Social Media about a month ago, and to say that it has been eye-opening would be an understatement.

best blogging courses 2020

Sandra has a knack for understanding social media in a way that I've never seen from other influencers before.

She is able to help others break down exactly which social media platforms will bring them the most returns, and how to use them to create a blog traffic machine with just a few hours of work per week.

I love her strategies and I'm so excited to start implementing them in the new year. 

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