Incredible Black Friday Deals for Bloggers in 2019 

best black friday deals bloggers 2019

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**Black Friday weekend is now over. Check back next year!**

It's almost here you guys!! The BEST Black Friday deals for bloggers are on their way.

In case you didn't know, Black Friday is November 29th this year. And on that day, there are some crazy awesome blogger deals going on for you to take advantage of. 

I don't like going out to the big box stores to go shopping. You'll never see me in a large line waiting on a TV or other stuff. But online deals? You better believe that I save up for that! 

If you've been thinking about purchasing a course, a blog hosting package, or some other blogging products, this is hands down the best time of year to do it. Black Friday is well known for having the best deals of the year on blogging products.  

I consider Black Friday to be a bit of a “spoil myself” date. It's the day I prepare to stock up on all the blogging essentials I need to run a successful and profitable blog in the year following. 

And because I want you to get everything you need at a steal, I've put together this list of the six best Black Friday blogging deals for bloggers. 

We've still got a few more days until the Black Friday sale kicks off, so make sure to bookmark this post and come back to it starting on the 29th!

black friday deals for bloggers 2019

#1. Sassy Styled Stock Collection

It's now becoming more important than ever to use original photos on your blog and on Pinterest to get the most traffic and search ranking possible. Unsurprisingly, Pinterest has now started devaluing pins that use free images on them (aka. They want to start seeing some fresh images to improve their content!).  

With so many thousands of people using the same free stock images over and over again, the only way to stand out is with paid photos and homemade photos. 

black friday deals for bloggers 2019

Stock photos can be pricey, but you are in luck with this Black Friday deal! Sassy Styled Stock is now on sale for 25% off. 

These photos were created by me for my blog, and I ended up getting so many questions about them that I decided to offer them to other bloggers as well.

Inside the collection you'll get 269 gorgeous photos that you can use:

  • On your blog
  • To make Pinterest images
  • For social media graphics
  • For your paid products
  • And more!

Did you know that many blog photos with the same rights go for $10-$70 EACH?? I know, it's crazy.

Now's your chance to grab them while they’re cheap and enjoy them all year long.

#2. Build a Profitable Blog Course 

Build a Profitable Blog is my comprehensive course for new bloggers who want to build, grow, and monetize their blog over the next two years. It’s perfect for both brand new bloggers and bloggers who have been at this a while, but aren’t seeing the growth and income they want. 

I've taken more than 12 years of blogging experience and condensed it into the most important, must-know strategies for building a successful blog and making money from it.  

black friday deals for bloggers 2019

In Build A Profitable Blog, you will learn: 

  • How to set up and design a bright, clear, and super chic blog from scratch (No technical know-how required!) 
  • How to create a blog traffic machine that brings in new readers and subscribers day after day 
  • How to organize your content and your to-do list for maximum productivity and efficiency 
  • How to create an email list in one day and start growing it FAST 
  • How to select the right monetization strategies for you and implement them in the correct order 
  • How to turn your blog into an income machine that can be scaled infinitely 
black friday deals for bloggers 2019

If you've checked out my Build A Profitable Blog course before, you probably noticed that it has been closed to new students for more than 6 months.

And in fact, I don't have any plans to reopen the course until well into 2020! This Black Friday weekend is the ONLY time you will be able to enroll as a student until next year.

And, the course is priced at 25% off for Black Friday weekend. If you've been thinking about joining Build A Profitable Blog, now is the time to treat yo’self and invest in yourself.

Whip that blog into shape! Your future self will be so glad you did.

#3. Siteground Blog Hosting 

If you've been thinking about starting a blog but haven't pulled the trigger yet, this is definitely the deal for you! For Black Friday, Siteground is offering 75% off all of their hosting plan packages! That is HUGE.  

There is pretty much no other time of year where they offer a discount like that on all of their plans. 

I've been using SiteGround for over a year now, and the thing I love most about them is how incredible their support team is. Their support staff is extremely knowledgeable and always answers questions super fast. And they've gotten me out of some serious pickles before!  

black friday deals for bloggers 2019

If you're new to blogging, here's how this all works.

Your host is the company you pay to host your blog on the internet. They give you the bandwidth and space needed to run your blog, and you use a web building platform like WordPress or Squarespace to actually build your blog.

I've used WordPress to build my blog, and I love that Siteground offers a one-click install for WordPress.

And WordPress is free by the way, with your Siteground hosting package.

The Siteground sale runs from 2am CST on November 29th to 2am CST on December 3rd. The discount will already be shown on their website, you don't need a code!

#4. Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is the course that more than tripled my blog traffic in a matter of months. It was created by a couple named Alex and Lauren of Create and Go, a pair of awesome bloggers who currently receive millions of monthly page views from Pinterest. They really know their stuff, and their knowledge helped me grow my traffic too.  

black friday deals for bloggers 2019

One of the best things about this course is that they update it several times a year. Platforms like Pinterest are always changing, and I feel so relieved knowing that I don’t need to keep figuring out the algorithm year after year to keep getting traffic to my blog. Pinterest Traffic Avalanche does all the research and heavy lifting for me, and I just take the knowledge and put it to work! 

If you've been struggling to get enough traffic from Pinterest to fill your Facebook group, to build a thriving and active email list, and make the kind of sales you want to make every single month, this is the course for you.  

You can read more about Alex and Lauren's blog traffic story and the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course here.

#5. Six-Figure Blogger

This one is for all you intermediate bloggers out there! Six-Figure Blogger is another course by Alex and Lauren of Create and Go, and it's one of the best courses I've ever taken in my life.  

After making six figures in one year with their health and wellness blog Avocadu, Alex and Lauren packaged up everything they learned about what it takes to make six figures blogging, and put it into this course. 

black friday deals for bloggers 2019

Six-Figure Blogger showcases exactly how they make six figures from multiple blogs every single year. This course covers topics like: 

  • How to create sales-centered content so your content has a job 
  • How to build an email trust funnel (with word-for-word trust funnel template emails!) 
  • How to build an insanely high converting sales page (yep, there’s a template for that too) 
  • How to build your own digital course or ebook the easy way 
  • How to NOT feel scammy or weird about selling your own products online 
  • How to make blogging your full time job 

If you've been at this blogging game for a while and are hoping to increase your income substantially, I highly recommend taking Six-Figure Blogger.

I've gone through the course twice so far and plan to retake it every year. The course is updated regularly with all of the newest tips and strategies for monetizing a blog, so it's something I'll keep referring to year after year.

#6. Smart Social Media 

Ohhhh this one's a goodie! I took a Smart Social Media earlier this year, and I'm so glad I did. Sandra has gotten some incredible traffic results from her social media campaigns, and she's sharing it all in this course for bloggers.  

I knew very little about using social media to grow my blog traffic before taking this course, and I love how thorough and strategic she is with all of her information. 

black friday deals for bloggers 2019

This course will teach you how to bring together the social media platforms you want to use to systematically drive traffic to your blog month in and month out.

It's all video based, and I love how clear and concise she is with her knowledge.

This is a course I'll keep referring back to over and over again for all of the latest social media strategies!

Smart Social Media is only discounted one day per year, Black Friday. And by golly, this is an INCREDIBLE deal!


As you’ve probably guessed, I LOVE taking online courses. I spent the first several years blogging without help. I thought I could learn it all for free online by reading blog posts, watching YouTube videos, and experimenting.

What I didn’t realize is that I didn’t know what I didn’t knowAnd while I learned a ton of useful strategies, I didn’t know which order to do them to get the results I wanted. Yep, doing things in the right order really matters! 

When I started investing in my education, everything changed in my business. My health and wellness blog started growing in size. I launched an online course and started making a full time income. I still had a lot to learn, but I was getting somewhere! 

As I mentioned earlier, one of the things I love so much about the online courses I’ve taken is that they are updated regularly. We all know that the internet changes quickly, and to be honest, I just don’t have time to research and test new things constantly to keep up.

I love that the creators of these courses do that for me! All I have to do is check back every six months or so, read up on any changes in the blogosphere, and then put it into action. The time savings, for me, are so incredibly valuable. 

Enjoy your Black Friday! 

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