How to Build A Profitable Blog That Changes Your Life

The Ultimate Plan to Launching Your Blog, Getting Free Traffic, And Making Money Blogging From Home

build a profitable blog

Hey, Blogging Babe!

It's time to make your blog support your dreams. (And your wallet!)

What if you...

  •  Built a blog that attracted thousands of excited readers every month?
  •  Grew your monthly income like gangbusters, snowballing bigger and bigger every week, month, and year...
  • Started actually living the life of your dreams?

If you've struggled to get your blog off the ground, if you've tried every method to get consistent traffic, if you're feeling overwhelmed by everything it takes to build a profitable blog, if you're struggling to get a clear vision and create exciting content for your blog every single week, if you aren't actually seeing any money come in from your blog; then you're about to read the post you've been waiting for all your life. Here's why... 

Being able to live the life of your dreams depends on this very moment. A few questions you must answer for yourself...

  • Will I be able quit my soul sucking job and spend more time with my family if I don't become an online entrepreneur?
  • Will I enjoy complete financial freedom if I don't command my own rates and decide what my income will be?
  • Will I be able to travel and experience this life to it's fullest if I can't work online, at any hour I choose?

Here's the part you really need to pay attention to...

I want you to write down how much your freedom is worth to you. 

How much would you pay to hand your boss your resignation letter with a smile, to book that flight to Europe you've been aching for, to blog passionately everyday with a hot cup of coffee in hand, watching as the sales notifications fill up your inbox... How much would you pay to make that happen?

Let's say your answer is $5,000 per month.

That means...

You're paying $5,000 every single month that you DON'T get your blog off the ground and working for you.

It doesn't have to be this way! 

Here's what the secret inner lives of successful blogging women REALLY look like:

  • They LOVE what they do and feel excited to bounce out of bed in the morning (the sleep helps too!)
  • They work from home (or cute little cafes) anywhere in the world they are, and choose which hours they'll work
  • They know they are truly helping make other people's lives more beautiful and meaningful
  • They take care of their health- making time to exercise, cook great meals, and tend to their appearance everyday
  • They spend their time as they please- traveling, playing with their kids, and digging deep into their hobbies
  • They are present for every important moment with their family and friends, no questions asked

Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

Hey, I'm Aminta! 

I've been blogging for more than 12 years, and in that time I've started a handful of different blogs.

I always wanted to be able to quit my job and become a full time blogger...

The sad truth, however, is that several of my blogs fizzled out before I ever really launched them. 

I know I'm not the only one!

95% of the blogs online today will never make their first dollar. Ouch!

Needless to say, I spent years doing the wrong things while trying to learn how to blog the right way, and I also spent A LOT of money on unnecessary things I thought I needed. 

I just didn't know what I didn't know.

Here's the moment that changed everything...

I remember feeling so frustrated. I felt like I was doing ALL the things- creating content, sending emails, doing social media, pinning on Pinterest, and on and on- But I wasn't making money. 

Everyone said things like, "just create amazing content" and "serve your audience". But I was doing those things like crazy, and it wasn't working. 

It was only later that I discovered the "secret" to profitable blogging. 

There is a whole other world of affiliate marketing, email marketing, and promotion schedules that HAVE to happen for the money to roll in. It just isn't enough to write great content and hope. 

I knew I had to change my strategy if I wanted my blog to be profitable. 

So I started researching like crazy.

I took courses (more than a dozen of them!), watched webinars, and listened to podcasts. I spent money and time and precious energy trying to crack the code.

Finally, it clicked. 

So I decided to create a small course for my wellness blog.

I had a small list of only 700 subscribers, and no idea to how to create or sell a digital product.

But I decided to take a leap of faith, and I launched. In the end, I made over $2,000 on my very first try with no experience and a small list.

The possibilities hit me like a ton of bricks. This was real.

After that...

I took all the lessons I learned early on and launched this blog,, from scratch in less than 30 days.

As hard as it was, I learned SO MUCH from my past blogging failures (and successes!) 

I'd finally figured out how to master WordPress, connect with my audience, create content that they love, and make money from blogging. 

So I started this blog. 

I was 16 weeks pregnant with our baby, and I knew I wanted to stay home with him after he was born. I'd had enough soul-sucking jobs in the past to know that I did NOT want to go back to that! 

So I got super serious about blogging, and launched this blog within just a couple of weeks.

More determined than ever, I quickly started publishing content on a schedule, building a relationship with my readers through email, and watched as the traffic started to roll in. 

After my son was born, I dove into monetizing the blog. I worked affiliate deals, created my first product, and did everything I could to help my readers (often answering emails late into the night!)

Looking at my baby boy only motivated me even more each day and soon, this blog started making money too. If the first time was luck, the second couldn't possibly be coincidence.

Now? I'm a work from home mom and I LOVE what I do!

It is so nice to wake up everyday, make a cup of coffee, and get to work writing about things I'm passionate about. All while my sweet little baby is still asleep! 

When I'm not busy building my blog, my husband and I like to go on long walks with our little boy. I get to play with him everyday and watch him grow. 

Many of the other women at the playground think I'm the nanny, but when I tell them I'm his mom...

They all want to know what I "do"!

Build A Profitable Blog by Aminta Demadura is an AMAZING course! If you have ever thought about creating your own blog but don’t know where to start, this is for you.

Aminta literally walks you through each step of the way to get your blog up and running. But she doesn’t stop there! She even helps you learn how to guide traffic to your blog and how to earn money from affiliate marketing.

The videos show you how to navigate websites step-by-step, and she provides even more information about topics with downloadable documents. In addition to learning about how to start a blog, she also discusses the function of Convertkit, PicMonkey, Pinterest, and Tailwind in relation to blogging.

This is a great course to learn how to start a blog with great tips to build relationships with your readers so they keep coming back. 

- Angie Askelsen

Hey girl hey! Do any of these ring a bell?

I want to FINALLY get my blog up and running, but I'm so confused by all the tech!

Figuring out how to register your domain name, applying for an SSL certificate, installing your new theme, and designing your site feels totally overwhelming. You want to get the darn thing launched so you can get to actually blogging. 

I've spent weeks reading and researching online, and I still feel stuck on what to write.

You have so many things you want to write about, but where to start? How do they all tie in together? Can you ACTUALLY make something from a multi-topic lifestyle blog?? And how the heck do you find blog post ideas that your readers absolutely love?

I get totally overwhelmed when planning my content, I just don't get how much to put out and when.

You're wondering how many times per week you should post to make your blog successful. Each blog post seems to take forever to write, and you're constantly getting behind. You know you need a real content plan to make your blog and social media work together, but you just don't know where to start. 

Email marketing is a mystery to me. I don't know how to get it set up and running successfully. 

You've heard it a million times- email marketing is everything. But how?? You know you need to set up an email marketing service and start building a relationship with your readers. But which email service is the best for you? How often are you supposed to send emails out? And what the heck should you even write about??

Right now I just can't seem to start, don't know where to start, can't seem to plan the content strategy. And then move forward...

Blogging seemed easy at first. Write, and publish. Then everything came at you fast, from mastering WordPress to designing and branding your blog to writing great content and running a smooth email marketing campaign. You feel completely overwhelmed by all of the to-dos swirling in your head, and you have no idea how to complete the next step. Sound about right?

I want to start making money with my blog so I can stay home with my kids and quit my soul sucking job. I just have no idea where to start!

You've heard that tons of bloggers make full time incomes from their blogs, but you're totally confused as to how a blog ACTUALLY makes money. You know that if you could make money writing a blog, it would solve a lot of problems for you. Then you wonder, "what if I never make money from my blog?"

If ANY of these sound familiar, Build A Profitable Blog is exactly what you need.

Wondering what I'm talking about? Here are all the deets...

Build A Profitable Blog

The Ultimate Plan to Launching Your Blog, Getting Free Traffic, And Making Money Blogging From Home

build a profitable blog

13 Modules and 50+ Video Trainings That Will Show You Exactly What To Do Each Step of the Way!

A 30 Day Blog Set Up Checklist, plus all of the video trainings and PDF guides you need to get your blog launched and attracting traffic like crazy.

Just grab a notebook and your 30 Day Checklist and get ready to create a successful blog right from the get go.

You'll learn how to...

launch your wordpress blog

Launch and Build Your WordPress Blog

Launching your blog doesn't have to be crazy technical! The truth is that you can set up a new blog in less than a week if you know all the steps to creating it successfully. The video tutorials in this course will show you exactly what to do as you follow along on the computer screen to get your blog set up once and for all. 

design brand your blog

Design and Brand Your Blog Beautifully

A clear and well thought out design is crucial to the success of your blog. You want readers to think "WOW!" when they first visit your blog. Branding is the "oomph" that sets your blog apart from the competition and makes you instantly recognizable in a sea of other blogs. You gotta have it! This module will show you how to come up with the perfect brand for you, create a moodboard and style guide that are so you, find free branding elements to use on your blog, and bring it all together in a cohesive brand that your readers ADORE!

create amazing blog content

Create Irresistible Content in Half the Time

Successful bloggers always put out content that is above and beyond the competition. Their work is inspiring, thoughtful, research-backed, and timely. I'll show you exactly how to find blog post ideas your readers are dying for, help you find your writing voice, help you create irresistible headlines, and tell you my dirty little secret to cranking out content in half the time it takes other bloggers!

master email marketing

Master Email Marketing and Create A List of Raving Fans

Studies have shown time and time again that email is the #1 way to consistently reach and connect with your readers in the deepest possible way. When you create an email marketing campaign the right way, you easily set the stage for a following of people who love your work and can't wait to buy from you.  In this module I'll help you set up your Convertkit account, create attractive forms and landing pages, write a welcome email that gets people excited to be part of your community, create sequences and broadcasts that make sales like crazy, and help you create an email marketing plan that pushes your income up and up!

become crazy productive

Become Crazy Productive With These Secrets

 Whether you have little ones at home or you're running to a full time job everyday (or pretty much anything else that takes up your time!), you know how important it is to be productive. I'll show you all of my secrets for creating content FAST and knocking out your to-dos in record time so that you can build a profitable blog in just two hours per day.


Get Free Traffic from Pinterest to Drive Your Blog's Success

 If you're not seeing the kind of traffic you KNOW will grow your blog, you'll love this module on traffic building. I'll show you my top Pinterest strategies for getting tons of high quality traffic to your blog from Day 1, as well as how to set up your Pinterest account, create tantalizing pins that people are dying to click on, and understand exactly how 15 minutes of Pinterest per day can skyrocket your traffic and income. 


Start Making A Real Income From Your Blog (Finally!)

 I'll show you the fastest and easiest ways to monetize your traffic and finally start making a real income from it. We'll dive deep into affiliate marketing, and I'll share my secrets for making money while helping your readers as much as possible. Say goodbye to that job you can't stand, and let's get to work! 

Thank you so much for your course!!  In just taking a few minutes to learn how to effectively pin other peoples pins without overlapping on content ideas I have, my monthly views went from single digits to just under 200 overnight!  

Excited to see how that translates into blog traffic too. Your course was really great and very helpful. I am looking forward to diving in and making more updates to the blog and seeing where it takes me! 

- Amanda Kan,

Build A Profitable Blog is for you if...

You want to learn exactly how to launch, build, and brand a blog.

If you don't have a blog yet, or you do have one but you aren't sure how to bring together all of the moving parts, this course is perfect for you. You'll learn exactly how to launch, create a killer brand, make custom images, create irresistible content quickly, and build a deep relationship with your readers that helps you make money from your blog down the road. 

You are a stay at home mom or you have a full time job and you want to start a profitable blog on the side.

If you have other full time obligations and you want to know the quickest way to build a money-making blog on the side, Build A Profitable Blog is for you! Many successful blogs start out as side hustles and become full time businesses, and it's up to you to decide which you'd like to pursue.

You want a step-by-step plan for exactly how to build a blog that is ready to monetize in just one month.

If making money from your blog is your goal, this course will show you step-by-step how to get everything you need set up to be profit ready. We'll cover branding, finding the right blog topics, where to get images, how to build an email list of people who want to buy from you, affiliate marketing... and more!

You have a blog already but you aren't making any (or very little) money.

If you find yourself posting content day after day but never making a significant income, it's because you don't have the know-how to get there (yet!). The web is crowded with blogs in the same niche you and I are both in, so it takes the right knowledge implemented in the right order to make money from your blog! I'll show you how to get there.

You want to stop feeling so overwhelmed and uncertain, and create an easy-to-follow blogging plan.

If you've been dabbling in blogging for a while, but nothing seems to really be coming together, Build A Profitable Blog is for you. The video trainings inside this course will show you exactly how I bring all of the moving parts together into a branded, soulful blog that connects deeply with readers and makes money along the way. 


"My blog was so blah before I started this course. I missed some very important steps for setting my blog up that likely made it harder for me to be proud of what I had created.  

I went to YouTube university to learn how to build my blog. Many videos are limiting because they are created by people in the industry and use the industry lingo that I just didn't get.

Aminta's course is spot on. She starts right at the very beginning and uses clear easy to use steps. She includes video and pdfs so there is something for everyone.

She is actually building one right along with you so you can see exactly what step she is at, I LOVE that! I have been able to go back to correct what I missed when I was first setting up my site. Honestly love listening to how Aminta describes the steps. So many videos out there people are trying to be overly energetic and loud.

Aminta is so authentic, you will be so happy you chose to work with her and your site will be amazing because she has walked you through everything to ensure you are building something beautiful!"

- Cyndi Miles,

Build A Profitable Blog is NOT for you if...

You just want to blog as a hobby.

Build A Profitable Blog is specifically designed for women who want to create profitable blogs. If you're just looking for a fun outlet for writing and you don't plan to monetize your blog, this course isn't for you. 

You don't want to set up a WordPress blog.

This course is designed to teach you how to set up a WordPress blog. If you want to use Squarespace, Wix, or any other type of blogging platform, Build A Profitable Blog is not for you.


You want tons of options for your blog theme.

This course focuses on only a couple of different themes for you to choose from. My goal is not to overwhelm you with theme options and tutorials. It is to get your blog launched, built, and monetized. 

You are already making more than $1,000 per month from your blog.

This course will likely be too beginner for you if you already have a significant email list and are making more than $1,000 monthly from your blog. If, however, you need help planning your content properly and building your email list, this course will definitely help you out. 

build a profitable blog testimonials1

"I would recommend Build a Profitable Blog for anyone who is either starting a blog or has one that is a hot mess. Aminta gives you the step by step of setting up the blog, driving traffic to the blog, and monetizing it.

 You will not be disappointed at content or the set up of the course. She makes it so easy to set up the blog and start sharing it. I give it 5 stars!"

- Rachael Jencks, business coach and owner of Moms on the Rise.

Oh, there are extra goodies for you too!

1. Private VIP Facebook group for students (with one-on-one access to Aminta) - $147 value

build a profitable blog facebook group

This private Facebook group is the perfect addition to your course materials. You will be able to ask questions and get answers specific to your situation from myself as well as the other students in the group. 

2. Kick Ass Money Making Strategies for Bloggers Guide - $57 value

money making strategies for bloggers

You are going to love this Money Making Strategies for Bloggers guide! While the course will teach you how to get your blog up and ready to monetize, this easy-to-read guide will introduce you to a variety of different monetization methods so you start making a profit from your blog right quick!

3. Google SEO for Beginners Guide - $47 value

google seo strategies for bloggers

Want to start optimizing your blog for Google traffic after you finish the course? This awesome guide condenses the best tips and tricks I have learned to rank well with Google, and will show you how to get started in as short a time as possible. Don't miss this one! 

"I have been blogging for over a year without any success. I previously tried navigating the blogging world by myself and eventually took a course, went step by step through it with no success.

Then I found out about Aminta's course, "Build a Profitable Blog." After the first lesson I knew I found what I needed. Giving me the correct expectation and perfectly organized steps on building a blog was exactly what I was looking for. The steps were easily laid out in each lesson and it was a nice mix of outlines and video.

She set up the ladder to success and I am already putting her system in place and seeing results. Since following Aminta's guidelines I have seen a tremendous increase in my traffic. Without Aminta, I would still be in the same position, struggling with no plan in place.

She gave me a plan, steps to go by and suggestions on what to use to see the increase in traffic. I highly recommend "Build a Profitable Blog" and you will see that you too can grow your traffic and see the results you have been craving."

- Maria Botinas,

100% Money Back Guarantee

I want you to get the most you possibly can out of this course. It's an investment, and I really believe it will help you launch and build your profitable blog successfully. 

That's why this course comes with a 90 day, 100% no-questions-asked guarantee. If it doesn't work out for you, you can request a FULL refund at any time just by sending me an email. 

And I'll be honest, this is the only blogging course of it's kind that offers a no questions asked guarantee. It just doesn't get more risk-free than that.


What results will I get out of taking this course?

After taking this course, you will be able to: 

  • Launch your WordPress blog from scratch
  • Register your domain name, install WordPress, and set up your SSL certificate
  • Choose a theme and do basic site design
  • Create custom images for your blog
  • Create an awesome brand that attracts new readers everyday
  • Plan your content effectively and write content that your readers love
  • Understand why email marketing matters and how to make it work for you
  • Become your most productive self and get onto a blogging schedule that gets results
  • Get tons of free traffic from Pinterest 
  • Implement the best monetization strategies for your business
  • Take your blog from $0 to $1,000 per month using affiliate marketing, ads, and other types of monetization

How long do I have access to this course?

You get lifetime access to this course, including future updates and expansions. I will continue updating this course over time as technology and platforms change in the blogging world.

What format is the course in? 

This course is comprised mostly of video tutorials where I show you step-by-step on my screen how to complete each task. There are also a number of PDF guides and a 30 day checklist to keep you on track as you move through the course material.

How long will this course take to complete?

This really depends on how much time you can put into it each day. There are nearly 60 video lessons in this course (roughly 3-10 minutes each). If you can complete a few lessons per day you will easily be able to complete this course within a month.

I don't have a blog yet- is this course for me?

Absolutely. Build A Profitable Blog will show you exactly how to set up a new blog from scratch as quickly as possible.

I already have a blog- is this course for me?

It depends. If you have a blog but are having trouble creating content consistently, making money, or bringing all of the moving pieces together into a fully functional blogging system- this course is for you! 

If you already have a sizable email list and are making more than $1,000 per month with your blog, this course will likely be too beginner for your skill level.

build a profitable blog

The Next Step in Your Blog Building Plan...

You're at the point of decision. 

You can either continue on doing what you've been doing, wading through all of the old blogging information floating around online...

Or you can decide to grab the bull by the horns and whip your blog into shape!

Doing the same thing you've always done will more often than not bring you the same outcomes you've always received.

But if you want something different to happen, if you're truly ready to change the direction of your life and your career, you're going to have to do something different.

Make a new choice, and pursue a new, exciting outcome.

Click the button below, sign up for Build A Profitable Blog, and you will immediately receive the course access details in your inbox.