Do We Have an Obligation to Reach our Full Potential?

Last week I had the opportunity to take a break and go down to San Diego for some sunshine and seawater. I had such a great time, and it turned out that my sister was in L.A. at the same time for Tony Robbin’s Unleash the Power Within conference. I couldn’t wait to hear all about it (and hopefully get the scoop so I can attend next year!), and so we met up on Venice Beach on our last day there before our flights home.

Reaching Your Full Potential

We easily chatted for hours about the conference and everything she learned while there. But one thing really stuck out to me. She said, “We have an obligation to reach our full potential in life.” And by we, she meant everyone in general.

That got me thinking, because I had always just assumed that becoming great was something that some people were driven to do, while others could reasonably be content to live a “simple” lifestyle.

So, do we have an obligation to reach our full potential?

I think that we do. Which is funny, because I didn’t used to think that way.

Here’s the thing. When people think about really truly reaching their full potential, they often get scared. We feel it’s noble or honorable to not “outdo” our parents, or our friends, or our peers. We worry that it might make others uncomfortable, or that we might lose certain relationships, if we strive too hard and become much greater than the status quo of those around us.

But, mediocrity hurts everyone.

Striving to meet your full potential is absolutely the right thing to do. Why? Because when you benefit in life, everyone benefits. We are all interconnected.

That may seem New Agey and hokey off the bat, but consider this: Have any of the items or luxuries you value in life been created by someone who wasn’t reaching for the stars?

Think about your computer, your car, the electricity in your house, your fresh water, or the medication you take. All of these things were created by people who had a vision and refused to give up even when they’d found 10,000 ways that didn’t work to bring that vision to life. They were created by people who were energetic, persistent, diligent, and not held back by the nay-sayers.

Reach Your Full Potential

Do You Have the Motivation to Become the Best Possible Version of Yourself?

There are many people in the world who are motivated by money or status to be the best they can be. And there’s nothing wrong with that! These people will get in peak physical condition because they want to look great. They will build a massively successful business because the income from it would change their life.

These are all good reasons and, as long as they aren’t hurting anyone else in the process, they aren’t bad motivations.

But what happens if you aren’t motivated by money or status? This was a struggle I faced for years, and it all comes down to giving yourself permission to succeed.

Well guys, I am here to give you that permission. More than that, I want to tell you that you absolutely must aim to be the best you can be. Your family, your friends, and the world are depending on you. If you are a people-pleaser, use this idea to motivate yourself into action.

You are making the world a much better place when you rise above the basic standard and become great.

I’ll give you a few more examples.

create dream life and business

You can’t help others if you haven’t helped yourself.

Ever wondered why the instructions on a plane tell you to put on your own oxygen mask before helping others with theirs? There’s a reason for that. When you are struggling in your own life, you simply don’t have the resources to give much to others, even if you really want to.

Burnt out parents can’t truly give their children the emotional support they need. Overly stressed individuals don’t have enough resources left at the end of the day to be a really great friend. And likewise, the average person just trying to get through life while operating at the bare minimum has little left to contribute to the world.

The world is a better place if you are operating at your full potential!

Imagine if every person in the world was living in peak form- physically, emotionally, and spiritually. How cool would that be? With so many smart, motivated people, I bet we’d see a huge reduction in poverty, food waste, unsafe water, destruction of natural habitats, disease, and more.


Your Friends and Family Inherently Benefit When You are Happy and Successful

Have you ever been around someone who is really rocking and rolling in life, and just felt their energy jump over to you too? Suddenly you start to feel a bit more motivated, a bit more positive, and the ideas they share seem to spark new ones in your own brain as well.
Reaching your full potential in every sense indirectly and directly helps the people around you. Why do you think that when one obese family member loses weight, often times many of their family members follow suit within the same year? Or why when one friend jumpstarts their dream career, many people in their social circle begin to as well?

The reason comes down to possibility and limiting beliefs. When a group of people think that their situation is “just the way things are”, it only takes one member of their group to break that limiting belief and show everyone what is possible. Suddenly the group believes, and thus they accomplish.


A final thought…

I’ve dedicated this blog to helping you and the rest of the world create your happiness and find success in the things you value most. All of the things I talked about in this post I had to learn the hard way. I learned them because I was the person who was afraid to be great.

So my last little piece of advice is this: Don’t be afraid to do “too well”! Reach for the stars, set big crazy goals, and train your brain and body to kick ass and meet those goals. The rest of us need you to, but not as much as you need you to!

Good luck,

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