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What to Preserve Each Month of the Year

Have you ever wondered what exactly you should be preserving this month?

If you've ever felt that everything must be preserved in the summer and the rest of the year is just gearing up for the next growing season, you might be surprised.

There is a "right time" to can and ferment different fruits and vegetables, and this guide will tell you exactly what to work on no matter what time of year it is.

monthly canning fermenting list
canning fermenting resources

Simple Canning & Fermenting Equipment I Use and Love

If you've ever looked at all the different models of canners, fermentation gadgets, utensils, and more and felt totally overwhelmed, this list is for you. 

I'm sharing the simple equipment I use (and love) so you can get what you need and be ready to start your food preservation journey.

Storage Pantry Checklist

If you ever find it hard to keep track of everything you've preserved, from the canned goods to fermented jars to things like squash and potatoes that are in long term storage, this storage checklist will save the day.

Here you can write down everything you preserve, so you can see at a glance all the ingredients you have on hand. Let's make mealtime easy!

Canning, Preserving, Fermenting & Homesteading Women Facebook Group

canning fermenting homesteading facebook group

Welcome to the Canning, Preserving, Fermenting & Homesteading Women community. This is a free Facebook group for all the ladies who want to learn old time food preservation skills safely and delicously.

Come on in, ask any questions you might have about canning, fermenting and the like. Let's fill up your pantry!