How to Identify and Achieve Success in Your Life

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself what success would look like in your life? Not in your parent’s eyes, or your friend’s eyes, but in yours? 

Real Success

Fueled by advertising dollars and emotionally driven ads meant to encourage consumerism as much as possible, our society often encourages a “more/bigger” approach to the ideas of success and happiness. A bigger house, a flashier car, a job in the top of your field, more clothes, more furniture, more, more, more… These are the things that we are taught indirectly or directly from childhood make us happy.

To some extent, these things can bring us a baseline level of happiness. A car that constantly breaks down will likely cause you more stress than one that is reliable and safe. Having a few high quality clothes that look great on you will boost your self esteem, whereas a closet full of frumpy and uncomfortable garments may make you feel a bit self conscious.

But where do we find the limit on what things and how much of them truly bring us happiness? At what point does “more this” and “bigger that” begin distracting us from what truly matters?

I wish there was a hard and fast rule for this. The truth is, it depends on you. Have you taken the time to consider what real success and happiness looks like in your life? What kind of person do you want to be? While my life desires are likely to be different from yours, I will list them here to help get the ideas flowing as it relates to your life.

How to create your dream life

My Personal Guide to Happiness and Success in Life


  • Regular adventure and new experiences always brings me a lot of happiness. Chris and I love to travel and explore new places, and we always come home from our trips feeling rejuvenated and grateful for the opportunity. 
  • Doing work that I feel matters adds a completely new dimension to my life that I honestly feel is a bit addictive. I don’t like to feel that my time is wasted. Using my work to contribute to the betterment of the world gives me fuel to wake up every day and start on my next project. 
  • Having time for my friends and family makes a significant and obvious difference in my day-to-day happiness levels. I know that if I’ve been feeling in a rut, that I can call on someone I love and feel much better by the end of our conversation. This type of connection is critical to my sense of well being. 
  • Contributing to society and the overall well being of our world is another key to happiness for me. It is difficult for me to examine the problems others face without doing some small part to change their reality. Sitting idly by and focusing on only my own problems leads me to feel a bit self centered and sad. 
  • The last piece to creating joy and success in my life is taking care of my physical and mental well being. Every day I make sure to eat well, monitor my nutrient intake, move my body as much as I can that day, and make intentional time for both myself and others. 

Does this list spark any ideas for you? Remember that it is important for you to stay true to yourself. Don’t feel the need to follow others’ ideas of success because you think that they are the “right” way to feel. If you truly want to own a Ferrari or buy a gorgeous house with chandeliers in every room, that’s okay! Don’t try to talk yourself out of it.

My hope is that you will find the recipe for true happiness in your life without the pressure of others’ opinions weighing on you.

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Question: What parts of your life make you happy today? What things or experiences have made you happy in the past? When you imagine your ideal day, what does it look like in detail? 


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