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​Mindset Tips for A Successful Blog

mindset tips successful blog

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We don't talk a lot about mindset on this blog. In fact, at this point I've given so many practical tips I feel like I would be doing you a disservice If I didn't talk about the mindset work as well.

The truth is, your mindset matters so much to creating a successful blog. 

As woo woo as it might seem, our minds can make or break our chances of success in any area of our lives.

Natalie Bacon says it well when she says:

“Thoughts become actions, and actions become results.”

Your thoughts about something matter so much in relation to your chance of success.

And so today I wanted to share with you some of the mindset tips I've learned in my last 12 years of blogging that have really helped me along the way. I hope they help you too!

mindset tips successful blog

1. Focus on Building Your Brand More Than Making Money In The First Few Years

When I first learned that blogs could actually make money, I was so excited. I didn't love my job, and the idea of spending my working time writing about things I was passionate about seemed like a dream job to me. (It still does!)

Of course, to quit my job I needed to make money from my blog. That then become part of my focus within my business, even though it was still early days.

Let me just say, there's absolutely nothing wrong with monetizing your blog!

In fact, I think it's something you should absolutely do when the time is right because it will help you be able to give even more to your readers.

An income frees up your time and gives you the chance to hire help so that you can give even more high quality information to your readers.

mindset tips successful blog

That being said, I think one of the smartest long-term moves a newer blogger can make is to focus less on making money and more on really building and growing their brand.

In the long run, a true brand with a large and dedicated online following can easily make six or seven figures per year.

But if you are so focused on making money in the early days, you may miss opportunities to build your community and create a strong foundation for your business.

So if your blog isn't making money yet, or it isn’t making very much, don't worry about it! Seriously.

This might be the best time in your business to spend on getting exposure, building your online audience, filling your Facebook group, and connecting deeply with your tribe of people. 

2. Hiring Help Is An Investment In Your Business That Will Pay Itself Over and Over

I was so resistant to hiring help in the early days. If I needed a graphic designer, I tried to hack something together myself. If I needed web help, I usually tried to patch together some plugins and payment processors to make my vision work.

Overall, this only slowed me down and made pieces of my site look and feel less professional than it should have been.

If you're in this "penny pinching" mindset right now, I'd encourage you to start thinking of hiring as an investment in your business and your future.

Instead of wasting time trying to DIY everything, use hired help to build your empire. Put the time, money, and effort in now so that you can build a really successful blog.

mindset tips successful blog

3. Getting A Blogger Education Gives You A Serious Advantage

I can just learn it all for free online.

I'll spend 2 hours per night reading blog posts on Pinterest and then I'll know everything I need to know.

Courses are too expensive. I can do it on my own until I'm making more money.

Does your brain ever say this? Mine has!

And I was wrong. Oh yes, I was deeply wrong.

Most new bloggers will never invest in their education. They'll read free blog posts, take free webinars, and eventually give up because "this blogging thing is too complicated."

Hold up just a minute.

You wouldn't ask someone to build a house by watching YouTube videos would you? Or pass the bar exam by reading free articles about becoming a lawyer? No way.

People get educations for a reason, and it's because things like building businesses are big processes that we aren't born knowing how to do.

Imagining that you will just read some free content online and then build a profitable blog is crazy town.

If you're in this mindset now, stop!

You need an education.

You need an education.

You need an education!

4. Blogging Is A Real Business (Treat It That Way!)

There are so many mindset shifts I've had in the last few years that have helped my blog, but one of the most important ones was the idea that my blog is a real business.

It's so easy to think of our blogs in the early days as hobbies. They are something we work on in our free time, they aren't making any money, and it's so darn fun it might as well be a hobby! Right?

But I really think that this is the wrong way to look at it if your goal is to build a business around your niche. 

Like any other startup, blogging is a real business if you want it to be. It takes the same amount of work, dedication, and time that many other businesses do. The only thing it seems to require less of is start-up cash, which is great!

The mindset shift from hobby to business is so important.

When you make this shift, you start to set real work hours for yourself, hire help when you need it, and invest wisely in your business. 

These are so important to creating a truly successful blog that will be around for the long term.

mindset tips successful blog

5. Connecting With and Helping Your Readers Is the Most Important Thing

I saved this tip for last because I feel like most new bloggers are naturally pretty good at this without even realizing it.

That being said, I wanted to put this tip here as a reminder (for myself as well!) that the most important mindset shift you can make for the success of your business is to keep your reader’s well-being at the forefront of your mind.

When everything you do takes into consideration their wants and needs, you build a business that is sustainable, viable, and profitable for the long-term.


Getting your mindset right is critical to building a successful blog. A strong mindset will influence your beliefs, which influence your actions, which create your results.

Everything you think and believe about your blog eventually manifests itself into the real world, for better or for worse.

Here are the five mindset tips I’ve learned in the past 12 years of blogging that have helped me grow and profit from my blogs:

  1. ​Focus more on building your brand in the early years
  2. ​Hiring help is an investment in your business that will pay you back
  3. ​Getting a blogging education will give you a serious advantage
  4. ​Blogging is a real business and you should treat it that way
  5. ​Connecting with your readers is THE most important thing 

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