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Creative & Fun Niche Ideas for Mom Blogs

niche ideas for mom blogs

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If you've been wanting to start a blog but aren't quite sure what to write about yet, chances are good that you've considered starting a mom blog.

Our kids bring so much happiness and so many laughs into our lives, it's no wonder that parenting and mommy blogs have gotten so popular lately. 

So what is a mom blog exactly? 

Well, to be honest this term can mean a lot of things. Typically a mom blog revolves around a few of the following topics: 

  • Parenting 
  • Pregnancy 
  • Baby care 
  • Family life 
  • Recipes 
  • Kid products 
  • Schooling 
  • Crafts and DIY 
niche ideas for mom blogs

If it has anything to do with kids or the family, it probably fits the mom blog description! Regardless of what you choose to write about, writing a mom blog can be both a purposeful and profitable business venture. 

Let's take a look at a few niche ideas for mom blogs to get you started.

8 Types of Mom Blogs to Write for Passion and Profit 

1. Free Range Parenting Mom Blogs

Are you more of a "let kids be kids" type of mom?

If so, writing a free-range parenting blog might be the perfect fit for you! Free range parenting can mean a lot of different things to different people, so it's a good idea to adapt it to fit your families' values.  

That being said, free range parenting is becoming quite popular with parents who want their kids to become more independent and have more agency then they might otherwise in today's “helicopter” world. And if it's something you are passionate about talking about with other parents, this type of blog could also make for a great business. 

I see a lot of great monetization options for free range parenting blogs. To start, this niche would lend itself really well to a book or course for other parents who want to learn more about how to direct their kids lives this way. If you can write a high quality blog that positions you as a guide that other people want to learn from, book sales or course sales will follow naturally. This niche also lends itself well to affiliate sales! 

Parenting blogs overall tend to do pretty well with affiliate marketing, and it's no wonder why. There are so many baby and kid products out there that parents want to buy for their little ones! 

All you have to do is search around for affiliate programs for your favorite kids products, and you are ready to start promoting them!

stay at home mom blog ideas

2. The Homeschooling Blog

Love it or hate it, homeschooling is becoming more and more popular than ever. What started as a bit of a fringe group has now grown into a nationwide movement of parents who are looking to give their children a better, stronger, and different education than the public school system can provide. 

If you homeschool your kids, why not take all of the information you are learning and preparing for your own kids and share it with other parents too? You can kill two birds with one stone and create a really fantastic business while you are at it. 

I don't homeschool since my toddler is still so little, and to be honest I don't know if I ever will homeschool, but I will tell you that I love reading homeschooling blogs! There is something about them that is so addictive. I love seeing how parents are teaching their kids to love learning, follow their passions, and are giving them more one-on-one attention than any public school possibly can. 

One of my favorite YouTube channels is Angela Braniff's This Gathered Nest. Angela is a homeschooling mom of eight kids and is just so much fun to watch. She puts so much effort into her homeschooling, and it really shows. 

Homeschooling blogs often monetize quite well because there are a lot of products that go along with it. Study materials, props, books and games, costumes, and a wide variety of educational products give you lots of options for monetizing your blog! This niche would also blend itself extremely well to a YouTube channel or podcast to help bring in additional readers and sales. 

stay at home mom niche

3. Frugal Family Blog 

Personal finance is a huge blogging niche, and there are a million different angles to write about - including parenting! We all know that raising a family can be expensive at times, and finding ways to save money and prepare for your kids college is something a lot of parents want to know about. 

One of the most popular personal finance bloggers and YouTubers out there is Jordan Page, a mom of soon-to-be eight children who writes about family, parenting, and keeping on a budget with a large family. 

If you have an interest in budgeting or other personal finance topics as well as family and kids, marrying the two is a great way to make an income blogging. The personal finance niche is one of the most lucrative out there, and it's no wonder so many bloggers are attracted to it. 

As a family finance blogger you could not only create books and courses to teach other parents what you know, but there are also dozens of high paying affiliate programs for financial products that many parents want and need. On top of that, you also have the opportunity to create affiliate partnerships with kids products that aren't finance related. The sky is the limit here!

most profitable mom blogs

4. DIY and Crafting 

I love, love, love watching DIY and crafting YouTube videos! There's just something so satisfying about watching somebody take a few simple tools and turn a frugal find into something so much more. If you have the crafty gene, blogging and YouTubing about kids crafts and fun DIYs around the house is a great idea.

These topics tend to do extremely well on both YouTube and Pinterest, which will give you a head start on getting traffic to your blog faster than many other niches. 

You'll want to be able to take quality photos of your projects (your phone is good enough!), and hopefully work in video tutorials as well. You can create affiliate links for each of the tools you use in your tutorials, and make sales each time someone wants to replicate your craft. 

This would also be a great niche to create an e-book or physical book that rounds up all of the DIY tutorials you've created on your blog. I'd highly recommend creating a YouTube channel to go along with this blog, and enable YouTube ads. Because people love watching DIY and crafting videos so much, you can start to do quite well with YouTube ads adding to your bottom line.

5. Adoption and Foster Care Blogs

Families who adopt and foster are looking for all the resources they can get. If this is something you have personal experience with, why not share it on your blog or YouTube channel? 

This is also one of those niches where you can pair it with other parenting niches too. Think adoption and homeschooling, or fostering specifically special needs kids. You could also pair adoption with the personal finance side of things, as many families look for creative ways to pay for their adoption fees. 

This niche might be slightly harder to monetize, but if you play your cards right you can find lots of opportunities to create an income from your blog. Any mom blog that incorporates kids products like toys, vitamins, learning materials, bedding and clothing, and more can make good money, and that goes for adoption and fostering blogs too.

topics moms are interested in

6. Nomad Travel Families 

Are you a family who travels frequently, or maybe even full-time? There aren't a ton of families doing this, but it is what has gained a lot of attention recently. So many people love traveling, but do a lot less of it once their children come into the picture. Families who travel frequently are super interesting, and many people love reading their blogs and watching their YouTube channels. 

If you have personal experience of traveling with kids often, this could be a great niche for you! It would be fun to write about, you can write off your travel expenses, and you can bet that tons of people will be there to read your work! 

I would certainly consider this type of blog to be a lifestyle blog, and that can be a great thing for monetization! If you're a family that travels frequently or full-time, why not create a course teaching other families exactly how they can do the same thing? So many families would love to do this but are held back by jobs and other obligations. This is also a niche that would lend itself well to coaching families one-on-one so that they feel comfortable taking the leap. 

Another great way to monetize this type of blog is to use affiliate partnerships with airlines, hotels, kids travel products, and more to supplement your income. Other families who travel, even if they don't travel as much as yours, will appreciate getting tips and recommendations from someone who really knows what they are doing. 

Don't forget that a YouTube channel would go a long, long way in this niche! If you can commit to one or two videos per week, you could see your YouTube ad revenue grow considerably in the first year or two. 

7. Large Families of 5+ Kids

I mentioned Jordan Page earlier, but did you know that large families have become a popular niche in the mom blog arena these days? 

I only have one child as of now, but I love watching Jordan's videos on her six (soon to be eight!) children and how they manage their lives. She's a productivity expert, a budgeting expert, and an all-around super relatable woman. 

If you've got a gaggle of kids at home, why not use that opportunity to share that with the world in the form of a blog and YouTube channel? Other moms love to see how this sort of thing works, how routines and schedules work, and simply what the lives of others really look like. 

The big families niche also pairs really well with almost any other niche on this list. You could work in fashion for moms, homeschooling, DIY and crafting, or almost any other family related topic with your large family to make your blog truly stand out.  

One interesting subtopic that goes really well in this niche is productivity. If you have a huge family and you're running a business, you've probably become a natural productivity expert (even if you don't think you are!) and you have some valuable advice to share with the world. Like Jordan Page, you could consider creating a course or a book on productivity, as well as monetize your blog with affiliate products.  

There's also a number of digital products you could create yourself to sell on your blog. Productivity templates, routines and chore charts, and other printables can make for some good additional blogging revenue.

hot topics for mom groups

8. Pregnancy and Baby Blogs

Pregnancy and raising babies is such an in-depth topic, and there's so much you can write about! Pregnant women love to read about what's going on in their bodies, how their baby is developing, and how they can prepare for the year ahead. If you've got some experience in this arena, why not put your own spin on it? 

A few ideas: 

  • Pregnancy and baby rearing for the working woman 
  • Pregnancy and baby rearing for single moms 
  • Paleo pregnancies and nutrition 

A pregnancy and baby raising blog is also a great one to monetize. If you think older kids have a lot of products, you haven't seen everything there is for little babies and pregnant women!  

This would be a great niche to incorporate reviews on a variety of products so other moms can get a feel for whether something will be the right product for them or not.

How to Start A Mom Blog 

Once you've chosen the niche or combination of niches that sounds perfect to you, it's time to get that blog started! 

Don't let your steam fizzle out yet! The sooner you can get these set up tasks done, the sooner you will be on your way to writing a fantastic blog that other parents can't wait to read. Here's how to get the setup process all finished and out of the way.

1. Choose Your Domain Name 

The first step to starting your mom blog is to choose a domain name. Your domain name is essentially the URL that goes in the browser bar. It's your .com or .org name that everyone will know your blog by. My biggest piece of advice here is to not overthink it! 

Most people really don’t think twice about the name of your blog. Chances are that you care much more. That being said, this post will help you come up with the perfect name if you are feeling stuck: 

How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name for Your New Blog 

2. Purchase Your Blog Hosting Package

Once you have an available domain name in mind, you'll want to purchase your blog hosting package. Don't worry, this isn't nearly as complicated as it sounds! 

Your blog host is simply the company that hosts your blog on the internet. They provide you with bandwidth, support, and give you a place for WordPress to "live". 

I use SiteGround as my blog host, because they are one of the most affordable and knowledgeable web hosts out there. They offer low priced plans that are perfect for most bloggers.  

On top of that, their support is top notch, and they have always been able to fix things for me that were beyond my technological scope. I also love that WordPress comes free with SiteGround, so there are no additional purchases necessary. It's all in one. 

You can learn more about Siteground and why it’s the absolute best host out there here: 

The Best Blog Host for Serious Bloggers 

black friday deals for bloggers 2019

3. Select A Theme For Your Blog 

Your last step is to select a theme. Your theme is the skin of your blog, the visual builder that gives your blog it's basic style. 

If you are on a budget, you can always start with one of WordPress's free themes and use it for a little while. That being said, you will need to purchase a theme down the road when you are serious about monetizing your blog.  

Free themes simply don't come with the functionality required to run a business, but they are certainly something you can use to get started in the very beginning! 

My biggest advice here is to choose a visual drag and drop builder. Unless you are tech savvy and understand how themes work, many of them can be complicated to design. 

I use Thrive Themes, and I consider it to be the best theme builder out there. I'm not a tech savvy person, and I don't want to waste a lot of time on trying to design my blog perfectly.  

I like Thrive because they integrate a ton of different features in a drag and drop way that is just dead simple. There's no messing around with HTML or CSS, no complicated design system, you simply drag and drop the different blocks that you want onto your website to build your page. Even a little kid could do it! And that's what I love about it. 

Thrive membership

4. Start writing! 

Phew! Your setup process is done, and all you have left to do now is to start writing. This is the exciting part. Don't overthink it, just start writing!  

Your blog posts will get better and better the more you practice, so don't let perfectionism hold you back. If you're wondering how to find good blog post ideas and other content to write about, check out this post for inspiration and ideas: 

How to Plan A Year’s Worth of Blog Content in One Day 


Starting a mom blog is a great idea in an age where every parent is looking for more and more information about parenting online. They key to your success is finding a way to stand out among the rest, and you do that by showcasing YOUR unique family.  

Here are a few lucrative and purposeful niche ideas for mom blogs to get you started: 

  1. Free range parenting blogs 
  1. Homeschooling blogs 
  1. Frugal family blogs 
  1. DIY and crafting blogs 
  1. Adoption and foster care blogs 
  1. Nomad travel families 
  1. Large families of 5+ kids 
  1. Pregnancy and baby blogs 

Question- What kind of mom blog would you LOVE to write about, and what's holding you back from getting started? Let us know in the comments below!

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