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The secrets to incredible traffic that I've gleaned from four top rated Pinterest courses.

Find out how I tripled my blog traffic in just one month using these 5 top Pinterest strategies! Then implement them, be consistent, and watch your traffic skyrocket too.

My Top Secret Pinterest SEO Tips for Blog Traffic

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I'm really excited to be talking about this topic today, because it's something that’s made a huge difference in my traffic and it's also something I get tons of questions on.

By now, you probably know that Pinterest is one of the absolute best ways to get free traffic to your blog relatively quickly. YouTube is likely the only other search engine that comes close, but even that takes significantly more time than getting traffic from Pinterest.

Pinterest, in essence, is a new bloggers dream.

That being said, you really do have to do it right if you want to start seeing people click through to your blog. You see, Pinterest is a search engine. It's not a social media platform, even though many people think it is!

No, Pinterest uses keywords to help deliver search results to the person making the query. This is why it is so important that you use proper Pinterest SEO to get blog traffic.

Without the right keywording and other SEO techniques, Pinterest simply won't know what your pin is related to, and they won't know who to show it to.

So if you're trying to get more traffic to your blog, and you're ready to up your Pinterest game, you're going to love this post!

pinterest seo tips for bloggers

1. Use the Keyword on the Pin Itself

Here's a fun little tip I've learned.

Believe it or not, but Pinterest can actually see your pin! What do I mean exactly?

I mean that the Pinterest algorithm can “read” the text on your pin, and it uses that information to determine what your pin is about. This is why it is so important to use your keyword within the actual text on the pin itself.

If you can squeeze in a second one, all the better. Although this typically is difficult given that you won't have a lot of space.

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So for example, let's say that you are creating a pin about gardening, and your keyword you want to target is “growing tomatoes”.

Your pin might read something along the lines of:

  • The Best Techniques for Growing Tomatoes in 2019
  • Growing Tomatoes 101- What You Need to Know
  • Growing Tomatoes Successfully for Beginners

​Use ​Your Keyword And 1-2 Related Keywords Within the Description

If you've been around the block on Pinterest, this one might seem obvious. But placing the same keyword in your description is so important!

Like I mentioned earlier, Pinterest uses the words on the pin title and in your description to determine what the pin is about and who to deliver it to.

Not only should you include your main keyword in the description, but it's a good idea to work in one or two related keywords in a natural way.

The key here is to keep it natural sounding!

When Pinterest first came on the search engine scene, you could simply stuff keywords into the description and get lots of traffic. Nowadays, not so much. Pinterest and its users want to see you using keywords naturally within a sentence or two in your description.

So for example, maybe your main keyword is “growing tomatoes” and your secondary keywords are “container gardening” and “growing tomatoes as a beginner”.

Here's a sample description that would work well.

"Growing tomatoes is a great way to try your hand at container gardening. They grow well in pots, can be easily moved from shade to sun, and produce lots of fruit this way. with summer around the corner, this is a great time to start growing tomatoes as a beginner!"

See how natural and conversational this sounds? You really only need a couple of keywords, and there's no need to stuff them in. The algorithm has gotten smart over the last few years and will know exactly who to show this pin to!

​Make Sure You Are The First Person To Pin That Particular Pin

Don't ask me why, but Pinterest wants you, the creator, to be the first person to pin any of your new pins.

So that means that when you create a new pin and add it to your blog post, you should immediately go and pin it to your most relevant board!

You can do this by using either the Pinterest extension or the Tailwind extension.

I use both, and I especially love Tailwind because it allows me to schedule these things out in advance. If you aren't already using Tailwind for Pinterest, I highly recommend it.

It's an easy to use scheduler that allows you to load your pins into a queue to go out at the times that your readers are most likely to be on Pinterest.

pinterest seo tips for bloggers

The Tailwind extension allows you to schedule any image on that particular blog post with just one click.

The cool thing is that Tailwind is actually partnered with Pinterest, which means they have access to their data and abide by all of Pinterest rules. This is a great thing because it means that they are getting the best information on when your pins should go out and which Tribes will give you the most traffic overall.

I saw my traffic more than double within a few weeks of using Tailwind, and it's something I still use to this day.

​Make Sure the Image on the Pin Relates to Your Topic

Okay, this tip is going to blow your mind. Did you know that not only can Pinterest read your pin, but it can “see” and recognize its image as well?

That is insane!

And it's true. Pinterest factors in the types of images a creator will put on their pins, and uses that to decide who to show it to.

Here's a little anecdote that might help. Earlier on when I was new to Pinterest, I put most of my pins on a plain pink background or a background with pink and green, but no images. Needless to say, my pins didn't do super well.

Then I realized that the image that is most associated with blogging were things like computers and desktops. When I begin including these images on my pins, my traffic skyrocketed.

It was like Pinterest suddenly had an “Aha!” moment and knew what my pins were about.

If you haven't tried this yet I highly recommend it.

​And if you aren't sure what types of images fit with your niche, just search for your topic in Pinterest and see what comes up. What do the top 10 pins that come up look like? What images do they feature?

​Your Blog Post Title Should Contain the Same Keyword As Your Pin

Here's an interesting tidbit you may not know.

Did you know that Pinterest also looks at the blog post you link it to for information on what your post is about?

That's right. Pinterest actually reads your blog post and uses its title and keywords to determine what your pin is about and who it should be delivered to.

This means that it is super important to make sure that your main keyword is also being placed in your blog post title!

Who'd have thought?

When you look at the big picture, you realize that Pinterest really wants everything to be interconnected and relevant from step one. From your blog post to your pin title to your pin image and description, Pinterest really wants to see a lot of consistency in this regard.

And of course, using the right Pinterest SEO tips like these will reward you with a wave of blog traffic.

​By the way, these are just a few of the tips I picked up from taking Alex and Lauren's Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course​. They get an insane amount of traffic from Pinterest, so I knew I wanted to learn from them. The course has really helped me grow my traffic over the last few months. Check it out here!

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Getting getting your Pinterest SEO tips down pat is so important for getting lots of blog traffic! You want to make sure that Pinterest always knows what your pins are about and who would benefit the most from seeing them. If you can do that, getting traffic to your blog is a cinch.

Here are my best tips for getting your Pinterest SEO perfect:

  • Use your keyword on your pin text
  • Use your keyword and a couple related ones in the description
  • Make sure the image on your pin relates to your topic
  • Your blog post title should contain the same keyword as your pin
  • Make sure you are the first person to save that pin

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