How to (Finally!) Start Making Money From Your Blog

profitable blogging blueprint
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    How to stop spinning your wheels and get your blog off the ground
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    How to create a blog plan that allows you to work from home
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    How to actually start making money blogging THIS MONTH!

If you're starting a blog, you've probably read no fewer than 193 tutorials showing you how to set one up. The truth is that many of them lack important steps.

As someone who coaches struggling bloggers a lot (and is in the process of launching new blogs), this blueprint was incredibly helpful and thorough. It covers topics ranging from beginner to advanced levels and includes a lot of concepts you might not even think of.

If you're launching an online business, this blueprint is a must. 

- Drew DuBoff

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This guide is everything I would have wanted when starting my first online business. Thorough and directly to the point, you'll know EXACTLY what steps to take to get your blogging business off the ground.

In fact, Aminta reinforced some things I forgot all about and now need to get on top of. I highly recommend checking this guide out today!

Jenn Flynn-Shon, 

DIY homeowner blog Valley-Buzz 

This checklist is amazing! I've spent months digging through google to find these golden nuggets, and there's plenty I haven't even found yet!

I love that step 1 is "Plan for Success" by setting a strong foundation. Everything else is so much easier if you have a clear vision going into your blogging journey.

This is a resource I'm going to keep referring back to over and over again when I need a little guidance of what's most important! Thank you!

- Megan at

Aminta’s Blueprint for Profitable Blogging is exactly that! For bloggers beginning their journey, this Blueprint is a must.

If you want to monetize your blog, this is exactly what you need, a step by step guide, full of resources, that any blogger, even experienced ones will find useful.

- Corina Denov,

The Profitable Blogging Blueprint has been super helpful, I was following so many other checklists that missed out on the quality content this blueprint provides.

My blog will surely grow more and more each day with the advice provided in this checklist! This checklist will be my side everyday I blog from this day forward! 

- John Butrick