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How to Promote Your Email Opt In 

how to promote your email opt in

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Today we are talking about growing your email list! If there's one thing I want to focus on in my blog this year, this is it. Growing your email list is absolutely vital to the health of your business. There are a few reasons for this: 

  1. Most of the money your blog makes will come from your email list. 
  1. Your email list buffers you against algorithm changes and traffic drops. 
  1. Your email list is your best shot at really getting to know your readers, what they need, and how you can help them. 

When it comes down to it, promoting your email opt-in effectively is your best bet for getting more email sign-ups and subscribers every single day. 

So how exactly do you get people to see your email opt-ins? And where should you share them to get the most sign-ups? 

In this post, I'm sharing exactly that! 

Before we begin, make sure you check out this post on how to create an email freebie that excites your readers and makes them want to sign up.

No promotion strategy will be effective if your freebie is a dud or if your sign up text is uninspiring. Make sure the opt-in is compelling and exciting, and then get to work sharing it!

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how to promote your email opt in

1. Pin It On Pinterest 

One of the fastest ways to start getting new signups for your opt-in is to simply pin your landing page on Pinterest. You'll need to create a one-page landing page for your opt-in, as well as a handful of pins that lead to it.  

I've found that sign-up landing pages do much better when you include a variety of testimonials from other bloggers. If you can get a few of those, the perceived value of your freebie goes up considerably! 

Here's an example...

how to promote your email opt in 3

Now here's something to keep in mind.  

Pinterest really doesn't want users “tricking” people into thinking they are going to get blog content when they really just go to a sign up page. To stay on Pinterest’s good side, you'll want to do a few things. 

1. Do your best to flesh out your landing page with plenty of information about your opt-in.

Let people know what they will get out of it, how long it is, how interactive it is, and how soon they will get it in their inbox after they sign up.  

2. Try to include plenty of images and testimonials if you can.

A short video introducing people to your freebie goes a long way as well! The key here is that you don't want people to land on a page that simply has a headline asking them to sign up, and then a sign up form.  

Pinterest wants to know you're sending people to high quality pages, and part of the way they know this is by checking your time-on-page. If people bounce off of your page quickly after they get there, Pinterest quickly pushes your pins down in search so fewer people see them. 

3. Be very honest in the pin and pin description that you'll be asking people to sign up using their email address if they want to get the freebie.

I recommend using text on both the pin image itself and in the description that tells them, “Sign up to receive this freebie in your inbox."  

It also helps if you can include a small thumbnail of your freebie on your pin image itself. 

The key here is to make sure that people's expectations match what they get when they come to your landing page.

They should see a picture of the freebie on your pin, and then see that same image on the landing page. They should also know going into it that they'll need to sign up to get it. This is a smart way to manage expectations and show Pinterest that you aren't trying to deceive anyone or trick them into doing anything.

So how many times should you pin it on Pinterest? 

I recommend creating somewhere between 5 and 10 pins for your landing page, and spreading them out over a few months on Pinterest. Make sure to share them with any Tailwind Tribes you are in as well. Tailwind Tribes is an excellent way to get more repins on that pin, which will grow your list exponentially. 

For example, if five tribe members share your pin on their feeds, and they each have 10 followers see it and sign up, you are potentially getting 50 new email subscribers just for sharing that pin one time in one tribe. It's really incredible!  

tailwind pinterest reviews

​2. Share Your Freebie All Over Your Blog

One thing I have noticed many new bloggers forget is to share their opt-in freebie in multiple different locations on their blog.

This is really one of the big keys to getting your opt-in conversion rate as high as possible. 

Right now the typical opt-in rate in the blogging industry is somewhere between 1% and 4%. It's not very high!

At the same time, I routinely get between 6% and 11% opting in on a daily basis, even as my traffic grows. 

Part of this is due to using higher quality opt-in images and enticing headlines and descriptions. The other part is that I really take advantage of my blog real estate. I don't just rely on pop-ups... I also use a notification bar, end of page static opt-ins, a “start here” page, and more.

You can check out this post here to get a detailed guide to all of the different places on my blog that I promote my freebies. 

The other piece to this puzzle is that it's a good idea to have a small handful of different freebies. All of them should relate closely to your niche and what your readers need of course, but the closer your freebie is to the post it's shown on, the more likely someone is to sign up.  

This is why I have a general blogging freebie, a Pinterest freebie, a content planning freebie, and a blog post checklist freebie.

They are all designed for the same type of person who comes to this blog, but I can mix and match the ones I want to offer based on what that particular post or page is about. 

profitable blogging blueprint
free blog post checklist
crazy fast pinterest traffic growth-min

3. Share it in Facebook Freebie Threads 

You've probably noticed within Facebook business groups that “share threads” have become a big thing. In my Blogging Boss Mom's Facebook group  , we have both a blog post share thread and a freebie share thread that we run every week. 

This is a great way to get your freebie out in front of other audiences. People love to get free downloads that are high quality and super useful, and I always gather a few more when I post my freebie on one of these threads. 

Now, there is a huge caveat here I have to mention. 

There is a big, big difference between your typical share thread and a “share all” or “pin all” thread. Share-all and pin-all threads are threads where every contributing member is expected to share every single post within that thread.  

The idea is that everyone who posts is given a boost by all of the other contributing members. The problem?

This is a spammy practice and can get your Pinterest account banned, among other things. Don't engage in them! 

Here's an example of one I came across...

blogging best practices and guidelines

Watch out for share-all and reciprocate-all threads like this one!

Share threads and freebie threads where sharing is optional are acceptable and can be great ways of getting your content in front of other people. The key is that it needs to be optional.

You only want people who are truly interested in your work sharing that work or signing up for your freebie. You don't want people in other random niches doing it simply to fulfill a quota. And you certainly don't want to put your Pinterest account in jeopardy!

4. Promote Your Opt-In Freebie on Your YouTube Channel

If you have a YouTube channel, this is an excellent opportunity to promote your opt-in freebie! People connect with others whose faces and voices they can see and hear, which makes it all the more likely you'll get sign-ups compared to just a written blog post. 

Let your readers know both in the video itself and in the description box of your video that they can get your freebie just by signing up.

There's no need to make it a long pitch, but simply mentioning it once or twice in your videos can really pay off. 

Of course, you'll want to make sure that the particular opt-in you're promoting is related to the video you've created. They should both be beneficial to the same person! 

5. Post Your Freebie in Your Facebook Group 

Have you created your own Facebook group yet? If so, this is prime territory for sharing your best freebie. I've pinned my Pinterest freebie to the top of my Facebook group Blogging Boss Moms, and it has worked out really well for me.

Many people will join Facebook groups just for the community and support from other people who are like them. Often times they won't know much about you or your business, and they may not even realize that you are the moderator and owner of the group! 

Adding your freebie with a link to your website in your Facebook group is a great idea! It helps establish who the group belongs to, how each person can learn more from you, and it of course builds a connection with them when they join your email list. 

Another thing I do to convince people who are already on my email list to join my Facebook group is to let them know about my pinned freebie. If someone signs up to receive my Profitable Blogging Blueprint, and then learns in one of my later emails about my Pinterest freebie, I make sure to mention they can get it by checking the pinned announcement at the top of the group.  

This is a great way to get some overlap where people are signed up for your emails and also part of your group.

It keeps them engaged, makes them feel like they're part of your community, and of course gives them more useful products to help them on their journey.

Successful Multi-Topic Blogs

6. Increase Your Efforts On What’s Working 

The 80/20 of growing your email list is to really double down on what is working and ignore the rest.

You don't want to spend a ton of time looking for 500 new ways to promote your freebie. Most of them won't work, and you'll be spreading yourself too thin trying to do everything.  

Take a moment to look through your analytics and figure out where the vast majority of your email sign-ups are coming from right now.

Are they coming to your blog posts from Pinterest and then signing up that way? 

Are they finding you through Facebook and joining your private group and then your email list? Are you getting them through paid ads? 

When you figure out where the majority of your converting traffic is coming from, you'll want to double down on that strategy and really squeeze it for all it's worth. 

For example, if you find that the vast majority of your email sign ups are finding you through Pinterest, make a plan to work Pinterest even harder this month!

Maybe you can add a few extra pins, share some new pins in your Tailwind Tribes, or experiment with some new pin templates you think might do even better.  

This is a great example of why it’s so important to sign up for Google Analytics as early as possible.

You’ll be able to see all of these important data pieces, which translates into real life information you need. Knowing how people are finding your blog, and where your email sign ups are coming from, is crucial to making the best use of your work time.


Promoting your email opt in is so important to growing your email list. If you haven’t gotten serious about growing this list as much as possible, now is the time to start!  

These are my best tips for getting as many conversions as possible so you can increase your sales in just a matter of months: 

  1. Pin your landing page on Pinterest 

  1. Share your freebie all over your blog 

  1. Share your freebie in Facebook freebie threads 

  1. Promote your opt in on your Youtube channel 

  1. Pin your freebie to the top of your Facebook group 

  1. Double down your efforts on what’s working well

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