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7 Super Personal Reasons You Should Start A Blog Today

reasons to start a blog

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For me, blogging has been one of the most rewarding things I've done for myself. Every year I feel more and more excited about where my blog is going and how it will impact my life, and so I hope I can share that message with you!

But first, let's start with the WHY. 

Today we're going to talk about seven awesome reasons every millennial woman should start a blog.

I hope today's lesson gets you amped up, ready to rock, and on track to get your blog rolling THIS WEEK!

Yep, it's go time!

Here are seven of my favorite reasons for starting a profitable blog right now.

1. To quit your soul-sucking job. 

Ohhhh...I have so been there. The long drives sitting in traffic, the petty office politics, the boss who brings their personal issues to the workplace... Gag.

Once I got a taste of working for myself, I said "NO MORE". I never want to, and I never have to, work for anyone else ever again.

Does that sound like your kind of work life balance? 

Never having to go back to a crummy old job, because you know that you can rely on yourself for an income.

Getting paid to help other people and do the work you WANT to do.

Feeling personally fulfilled by the work you do everyday. That is everything!

reasons to start a blog

2. To spend more time with your family, your kids, and your friends.

My defining moment came while I was pregnant with our first baby.

I was 16 weeks pregnant with my little boy when it really HIT ME.

I didn't want to put my newborn in daycare and go back to work.

You see, I ran a dog walking and pet sitting company in the early days of our marriage. I LOVED what I did- I was outside all the time, I got tons of exercise, the pups were all so sweet, and I was working for myself.

Then we decided to have a baby. And of course, things changed after that. As my bump got bigger and bigger, I finally decided to stop accepting clients and closed my business.

Fast forward to December 2016.

I wanted to stay home with my soon-to-be-born son more than anything. I also wanted to have a creative project of my own that brought in extra money for our family.

I was super passionate about personal finance, having completed our debt free journey just three days after our wedding.

I was also passionate about online business. I'd been blogging off and on for years while making a little extra side income along the way, and I wanted a place to share everything I'd learned.

I launched this blog on New Year's Day, and boy am I glad I did!

Here's why...

Since then I've been making an income while staying home with my sweet boy, all the while writing about topics I LOVE.

Thanks to this blog I've been able to…

  • Work the hours I want to work while spending tons of time with my little toddler
  • Work from coffee shops while our family travels around the country (Austin, Albuquerque, Portland, and San Diego so far!)
  • Put extra money towards savings every month

Blogging has totally increased my quality of life and made so many things possible that otherwise wouldn't have been!

And… I'm excited YOU are here because I can't wait to show you how I did this.

But what about you?

What would it mean to you to be able to be home with your kids? To spend more time with your partner? To be able to make a damn dentist appointment in the middle of the week? (Haha)

Time is our most precious resource. Once it's gone, it's gone, and you can't get more of it. Spending my time with the people I love always refills my cup, and I bet it does for you too.

3. To make extra MONEY!

Ok, let's not pretend here. You don't want to blog just for the fun of it. You want to make some darn MONEY while you're at it.

I couldn't agree more. Hobbies are great, but they can't give you back your time.

Money doesn't solve everything, but it sure does solve your crappy job problem, your debt problem, and all the adventures you've wanted to go on but can't until you save up more.

Money helps you design the life you've always wanted to live. There's no need to apologize for that.

4. To have a creative outlet for your thoughts and ideas.

Remember all that creativity and imagination you had as a kid? It seemed like our minds were just bursting with wonderful ideas at every turn!

Then…life happened. We grew up. The world suddenly wasn't so magical anymore.

Although we probably aren't going back to the fantasy land of childhood anytime soon, blogging about stuff you love to talk about is a great way to feel purposeful and creative every single day.

After a long day of being mom, sitting in a cafe drinking a hot coffee and working on this blog makes me feel SO GOOD. Honestly I think that's why I keep at it, because if I didn't love it, I would have moved on a long time ago. 

5. To travel the world while still earning an income.

Travel junkies unite!

I'm not going to lie- I absolutely love to travel. Road trips, stateside trips, international vacations… I'll take it all!

And I bet you've got some trips of a lifetime you've been keeping in the back of your mind too, right?

Thinking about climbing Machu Picchu, or wine-and-dining around Europe, or maybe just hitting up Disneyland for a wild family weekend?.

Yes, yes, and yes. Count me in!

One of the biggest reasons many people who want to travel don't, is because they feel a trip would be too expensive both to go and to take the time off work.

Having a blogging income solves both of these problems, because you're essentially a remote worker who is self employed. 

You get to set your hours, your projects, your time off... all of it! And if you need to work while you're waiting in the airport or at a beach side hotel before everyone else wakes up, you can do that.

6. To be in control of your own life. 

Okay, can I be real for a sec?

It really ticks me off remembering how little freedom I had at my old jobs.

Want to take a day off? You have to get permission. Need to leave 15 minutes early for an appointment? Better hope the boss is in a good mood.

It's bullshit! We're all grown women here and I don't think we should be treated like preschoolers who need to be managed at every moment. It's just not right.

*Phewwww.* Thanks for listening to me vent 🙂

Rant aside, freedom and control mean everything to me! And blogging is the perfect way to have more of both in your life. 

7. To create a community of like-minded people who want to hear from you!

I don't know about you, but I love talking to people who are interested in the same sort of stuff as me!

And you know what? Blogging is PERFECT for that. You get to build your own community of people who love hearing what you have to say and who are excited to add to the conversation.

I mean how cool is that? Not only do you get to teach, but you also get to learn from the people who follow you. It's an incredible feeling.

What's Next?

I really hope this post was helpful for you! If you're looking for the next best step for your blogging side hustle, I highly recommend grabbing my Profitable Blogging Blueprint below.

This thing is comprehensive and will show you exactly how to build your blog, step by step. (And it's free, so yeah, don't miss it!)

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