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Welcome to the Members Area! Here you can browse through photo collections, download your photos, and send in feedback. Have a question? You can email me at

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How can I use the images in the Styled Stock Collection?

There are a ton of ways to use these images! Here are a few ideas:

•    Facebook covers & posts

•    Pinterest pins and coverboards

•    Instagram photos

•    Blog photos and website graphics (banners, headers, buttons, etc)

•    Product photos for your online shop. You can easily overlay your product onto an image with editing         software.

•    Create branding materials such as business cards, brochures, and more

•    Presentations and SlideShares

How can I NOT use the images in the Styled Stock Collection?

    •    You cannot sell, loan, transfer, or give away images or otherwise allow a third-party to use the images in any way.

    •    Your membership is for your own personal / professional use. You cannot share your login information with anyone. If you share your login info, your membership will be revoked without refund. You cannot use the images for clients and customers unless they are also members of the Styled Stock Library (even if image files are not being transferred directly to the client/customer).

    •    You cannot create derivative products from the images and sell them. For example, you cannot add text to a photo and sell it as a print. You cannot use images to create branding or logos to re-sell them (you can use the images to create your own branding / logos).

How do I edit the images to suit my business needs?

There are many photo editing programs you can use to edit your photos, ranging from beginner to advanced level. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Beginner Level: 

- Canva

- PicMonkey

- MS Paint

Intermediate Level:

- Lightroom

Advanced Level:

- Photoshop

- Illustrator

Is there something you'd like to see more of?

My job is to create gorgeous images that work for your brand and business. If there's a style or type of image you'd like to see more often, let me know in the comments below!