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How to Get Gorgeous Blog Photos When You Aren't A Photographer

My blog and brand went from "me too" to stunning in less than one week...

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You see, for a whole year after I started my blog and social media accounts were plain and boring.  My Pinterest account looked pretty amateur, and I didn’t have any photos that were good enough to get me started on Instagram. 

In fact, I was embarrassed by my blog. Despite how much I loved working on it, and how badly I wanted it to succeed, I just didn’t feel like I could compare to the top bloggers in my niche. Their blogs had gorgeous photos on every page. Their Pinterest pins looked super professional. Their perfectly curated Instagram feeds reeled in followers by the hundreds.

So I decided to do something about it.

And now?

I receive compliments on my photos every day. My Pinterest account has nearly 300,000 monthly viewers. And people leave sweet comments on my new Instagram feed all the time, like this one:

Styled stock instagram

Maybe some of these feelings will resonate with you...

Feeling confused about complicated copyrights on "free" images.

You aren't alone if you've ever felt confused by all of the different legal jargon that comes with photos from free stock photo websites. Many of these photos have complex terms of use, and one mistake could land you a huge fine with a DMCA takedown notice. Each photographer has their own copyright and terms of use, and you can spend hours trying to wade through them all in search of one good photo.

You want unique stock photos that aren't super pink and girly.

You've seen it all over Pinterest and Instagram. Pink and gold flowery stock photos dominate the styled stock industry. You want to make your blog unique, and maybe all this pink isn't quite your style. I'm with you! It's time for something new. You need gorgeous photos that look professional and stylish that set you apart from the thousands of other bloggers out there. 

You're tired of seeing the same free Canva images plastered all over Pinterest.

When you check out Pinterest, the same free stock images appear over and over. Pretty soon all of the pins start to look the same, and you might wonder how you'll ever get your pins and your blog to stand out. It's a sea of white, pink, and gold out there, and you need something big that sets you apart. 

You're scared of being sued for accidentally misusing a "free" stock photo.

You've heard the horror stories. Plenty of bloggers who thought they were following the rules have been taken to court, fined, and soon ended their blogging business. All over a misunderstanding of the overly complex royalty and copyright terms of use. You want to protect your business from this kind of liability. 

When I first got started, I didn't know a thing about branding or good blog photography.

But, I did know two things to be true in the online business world:

  1. When people land on your site, you only have about 5 seconds to capture their attention, pique their interest, and make them want to keep scrolling. (Harsh, but true!)
  2. You must make a killer impression in those first few seconds to keep your visitors engaged. You need a cohesive, inspiring and chic visual presentation across all of your platforms. 

After spending hours searching through free stock photo sites each day, I soon discovered that it's becoming harder than ever to find gorgeous, on brand photos to draw attention to your business.

beautiful styled stock photos

And then I realized something else.

I found out that you need a lot of photos at your disposal if you want to build a professional, beautiful blog and fill up your social media accounts too.

Heck, experts recommend posting at least one photo to Instagram daily. Then you'll need to pin 3-5 images per day to build your Pinterest profile. And Facebook? At least one image per day. And then there's your blog, which will require multiple photos on every blog post to make your business look professional and unique.  

Once I started adding fresh, beautiful images to my blog and social media accounts, everything changed. I started seeing real traffic growth. People started to see me as an expert in my field. My email list grew and grew...

Within weeks I added 200 subscribers to my email list. My Pinterest account soared as my pin images improved, with nearly 300,000 people viewing my account every single month. Then people started emailing me to tell me how much they loved reading my site. 

Needless to say, I was over the moon. 

Brittany Wise

As a home blogger, it is so important to have photos that are beautiful! When I run out of time to create my own setup, I like having stock photo options that not only look great, but are fresh & unique!
As a busy blogger who doesn’t have lots of time to perfect photography, I always enjoy finding a photographer who creates vignettes that are relevant, stunning, and leave lots of white space. There is plenty of stunning & open space in the photos of Sassy Styled Stock.
I love the marble rustic collection because they complement my current home photos on my blog so well! I love neutrals, greens, & blues and that makes the photos just right for my blog posts.
Whether I am posting about meal planning, easy weekend gathering, or need a mockup for a new product, I know that I can use a photo from the Sassy Styled Stock collection and it will look so pretty!

-Brittany Wise, Founder of OurHomeMadeEasy.com

There are lots of bloggers out there that are frustrated and searching for a way to make their business stand out.

This is how you do it. My membership will breathe new life into your Plain Jane blog, and make your readers want to stop and stay a while. 

But before I show you the membership, let's look at a few of the common mistakes you are probably making (and I know, because the rest of us made them too!)

4 Common Mistakes You Are Probably Making With Your Blog Photos

1. You think the camera on your smart phone is good enough.

In a world where everyone and their cat has a blog, DIY smart phone photos no longer make the cut. 5 years ago may have told another story, but today you need to stand out to succeed, and you need an excellent DSLR camera to take photos that stand out. 

2. You don't know how to style a photo that builds a brand.

Poorly styled photos can actually hurt your business more than anything. If you don't know how to style your photo correctly, you run the risk of making your business seem unprofessional. After several years in the photography industry, I've figured out how to build a brand through my photos. 

3. You think it's cheaper to take styled photos yourself.

It's not. By the time you drive to a few stores, shell out the cash for a variety of backgrounds and props, purchase some flowers, and then spend several hours trying to arrange them and get the lighting nice and bright, you've spent a lot of time and money. That is time that would be far better spent actually working on your business, doing the important work that only you can do. 

4. You don't know how to use professional editing software.

Crisp, clear photos with great lighting and vibrant colors are produced with a great camera and professional editing software. Picmonkey and Canva won't get you much further than the most basic of photo adjustments, and your customers will be able to tell the difference. 


Sassy Styled Stock 

The ultimate membership for gorgeous styled stock images, social media flatlays, and a brand that stands out from the rest. 

With a Sassy Styled Stock membership, you'll be able to build a brand that grows with your business and attracts new customers every day. And if your style is a little more Joanna Gaines than Elle Woods, this membership is for you. Let's check out the benefits of becoming a member below...



No need to wait! You can login to your membership account at any time and access your images instantly.

beautiful stock images


Want to download all of your images at once? No problem. Download the entire file at once or hand pick 'em one by one.



You'll need fresh new images every month for your blog and social accounts! Don't sweat. 40+ new images pour in on the 1st of each month. 

Stock Photos Blogging


Images are shot in RAW with a Canon Mark III, one of the best cameras around. You'll receive high resolution, extra large files that are ready to use on any project.

pretty stock images


Just place your product images over the phone or tablet! Professional mock up images will help you make more sales in your business.



Our stock images can be customized to fit whatever project you're working on. Crop them, add overlays, add text, and more!

You need a selection of photos that are beautiful, inspiring, chic and professional. Just like you.

Want to Grab Some Hot Bonuses?

Girl, I've gotcha covered! Not only will you get gorgeous photos in your inbox every month, you'll also get...

free instagram quotes

Bonus #1.  25+ Sassy and Fun Instagram Quote Images

For those days when you need something to post right away, you'll have a collection of perfect quote images to inspire your followers and spruce up your feed. 

The Instagram Quote Pack includes more than 25 pre-made images with thoughtful, sweet, sassy, and humorous quotes to compliment your profile.

Free Canva Templates

Bonus #2.  Pre-Made Canva Templates for Pinterest and Instagram

Ready to put your new photos to good use? In addition to monthly photos delivered to your inbox every month, you'll receive a pack of five pre-made and fully customizable templates for Pinterest and Instagram.

Add your own text, titles, and logos to the template and you have beautiful finished images ready to go! 

Best group boards for pinterest bloggers

Bonus #3. Access to My Exclusive Pinterest Group Board for Bloggers

It's no secret the group boards can help drive major traffic to your blog. The hard part is getting accepted as a contributor! 

When you become a Sassy Styled Stock member, you'll be approved as a contributor to my exclusive Pinterest group board, Kick Ass Online Entrepreneurs. You can start driving traffic to your blog right now, so don't wait!

Who Is A Sassy Styled Stock Membership For?

Bloggers Who Are Serious About Building A Brand and Business

This membership is for serious bloggers who are ready to create an incredible brand and "wow" the heck out of their clients and readers. If you are ready to bring together an incredible social media presence with a gorgeous blog, this product is for you. 

Entrepreneurs Who Are Super Busy And Need More Time

If you're a busy blogger who wants to spend more time working on your business, and less time working in it, this membership is for you! With a Sassy Styled Stock subscription, you will easily get back 5-10 hours per week. Plus, the membership pays for itself when you don't have to buy your own props and backgrounds!

Creatives Who Want to Impress Potential Clients and Customers

This membership is for entrepreneurs and creatives who want to show their potential clients that they are the best in their field. With beautiful imagery and a solid brand, customers will look to you as the only person that they trust to get the job done right.

Who Is A Sassy Styled Stock Membership NOT For?

Bloggers Who Want That Hyper Feminine, Pink-Everything Style

While some of our photos do feature flowers, this membership is NOT for those looking for the super feminine style of photos. Our style is more Joanna Gaines than Elle Woods, so you're likely to find rustic backgrounds, fresh greenery, and wood paired with glass in the membership collections.

Entrepreneurs Who Want to Resell Photos for Profit

The membership collections can be used for almost anything a blogger could need. You can post them to Instagram, use them to create Pinterest pins, add text and overlays to customize them, use them on guest posts and blog posts, and so much more. That being said, you may not claim them as being shot by you and you may not resell them for profit. 

Bloggers Who Don't Care About the Image They Are Presenting

If you aren't interested in building a strong visual brand that wows your customers and entices your readers, then this membership isn't for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many images will I receive each month?

A minimum of 40 images are added per month, but you'll often see that we throw in a few more depending on the size of the photo shoot. Photos are added on the 1st of the month, and you'll receive an email as soon as the photos are available.

Will I have access to all of previous month's photos?

Yes! Our styled stock library currently has more than 150+ images, and it's growing rapidly. With a Sassy Styled Stock membership you'll receive instant access to the entire library plus new monthly collections.

How can I use the images I receive?

In so many ways! You may use them on your blog and on your social media accounts. You can alter them with filters, overlays, text, and anything else you need. We try to keep the terms of use as simple to understand as possible. The short answer is you may not resell the photos, use them within paid client projects, or claim them as having been produced by you. 

Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?

While we don't offer refunds once you've received access to the styled stock library, you will be able to cancel your membership at anytime. Simply login to your account and cancel your membership right from your members account, no questions asked.

Styled Stock for Bloggers

Here's How It Works

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  2. Login to the Members Area here (also found at the top of this site)
  3. Gain instant access to all photo collections.
  4. Download your photos!