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How to Use Tailwind for Incredible Pinterest Traffic

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Around 90% of my blog traffic now comes from Pinterest. I get some from social media and a little bit from Google, but Pinterest is the workhorse around here. 

Because of that, I want to share my secrets here so you can get as much blog traffic as possible too! 

I've tried both manual pinning and schedule pinning with my blog. And you know what?

I can unequivocally say that using Tailwind has grown my blog traffic like crazy. 

But why? 

Pinterest likes its pinners to pin consistently. Not only that, but there are certain times of day that are best for sharing your pins. These are the times of day that your audience happens to be online, and ready to see the pins you put out.  

Because of this, it's super important to get your timing right. And I believe this is why manual pinning doesn't work as well as scheduled pinning. 

When you pin manually, you usually pin a bunch of pins all at once, and then log out. This isn't consistent and it likely isn't the perfect time for your audience to see your pins. 

One of the reasons Tailwind is so effective at driving blog traffic is because it's algorithm knows when your audience is most active online.

It then automatically schedules your pins to go out at those times so they are seen by your audience at the perfect time.  

This is pretty much impossible to do by hand, and I think that's why I saw so much success once I started using Tailwind. 

At this point I've been using Tailwind for over a year, so I have a pretty good idea of how it works for bloggers over the long term.

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I've found that if you are consistent with adding pins to your schedule and using the Tribes feature, Tailwind will continue to serve you and bring more and more traffic to your blog each month.  

It's like a snowball, really. The more pins you put out, and the higher quality those pins are, the more your traffic compounds on itself and grows and grows. 

How Tailwind Snowballs Blog Traffic Fast 

Tailwind grows your blog using three primary features: 

  • The Pin scheduler
  • The Smart Loop feature
  • Tailwind Tribes

These three features are absolutely key to getting the blog traffic to roll in. Let's look at how each of these features works so you can get started right away.

How to Schedule Pins in Tailwind for Pinterest Traffic 

Let's start with the Tailwind pin scheduler. When you hover over the publisher section on the left hand side, you can see your scheduled pins by clicking on the scheduled pins link in the drop-down. 

To the right of that page you will see your pin schedule. This is where you can set up your schedule and tell Tailwind how many times per day you would like it to send pins out for you.  

I recommend starting with five or six times per day and working up to around 15 times per day as you have more pins to share. You can see that each of the small gray boxes has a time listed inside of them.  

These are the times that the algorithm says is optimal for getting the most eyes on your pins. This is really the value in Tailwind! They have so much insider knowledge that we will never know, and that plays out in their algorithm.  

Tailwind is also partnered with Pinterest, so you can be sure that they are playing by all of Pinterest’s rules and will keep your account in good standing. 

You can add a pin to your schedule in one of two ways. The first is to upload your pin and then schedule it to your related boards, as shown below.

The second method is to head to the blog post you want to share and use the tailwind browser extension to schedule it from there. Either one is perfectly fine! 

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How to Use the Tailwind Smart Loop Feature to Lock in More Traffic 

Smart loop is a new feature by Tailwind that is really cool. It used to be that you had to remember to schedule pins that you wanted to be shared a second, third, or fourth time to your boards every few months. Now the Smart Loop feature does it for you! 

Here's why this is important. 

Over time you are going to put a lot of pins on Pinterest. A small percentage of those pins are going to go viral and become very popular. These are the pins you want to put on Smart Loop.  

You want to put them on Smart Loop, because you want to make sure that they are automatically repinned to your relevant boards every few months to keep that traffic rolling.

You don't want them to die! They're bringing you in too much traffic.  

Pinterest recommends not repinning the same pin to the same board more than once every four or five months. So with that information, I have taken all of my popular pins and placed them in my Smart Loop to be repinned every 5 months.  

This is such a great way to keep those popular pins alive and bringing in more traffic for you day after day. I really love this feature and I'm so glad they added it in! 

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Tailwind Tribes: The Biggest Pinterest Traffic Hack for Bloggers

The Tribes feature is Tailwind’s workhorse, and it's really the big one that I couldn't live without.

I get an enormous amount of repins, shares, and traffic from the Tribes feature, and that's really what makes me stick with Tailwind month after month. 

Tailwind Tribes are essentially groups of bloggers, typically categorized by their niche, who share each other's content to help everyone get more blog traffic. 

When you join a Tribe, you can upload your own pins to be shared by others, and you are expected to share an equal number of other people's pins as well. This is an incredible feature because it keeps the groups lively and engaged and brings traffic to everyone in the group. 

I typically submit two to four of my pins to my relevant Tribes five days per week. If the pins are good, other tribe members will share them! And I will share the pins in that tribe that I love as well.

This is such a win-win situation, and it's the secret sauce to growing your blog traffic over time with Tailwind. 

How to Use Tailwind Insights to Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic 

The last way I get blog traffic from Tailwind is by using their insights feature.

Tailwind has some truly great reporting, and it goes really far in helping you create pins that will become popular and sometimes go viral! 

These popular pins become the backbone of your Pinterest traffic. Some people call them core pins. They are the pins that keep bringing traffic to you day after day, week after week, and month after month. 

You never know which of your pins is going to become a core pin, but as you pay more and more attention to your insights, it becomes easier to figure out what your core pins have in common. 

Inside the Insights tab you can get so much great information on your profile and your pins.

I learned the majority of what I know about Pinterest and Tailwind from taking Alex and Lauren's Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course.

They do a deep dive on Tailwind and using its insights to push your pins to the top, and I've found the information so insightful. 

One of my favorite tips I learned is how to use the pin inspector to increase your chances of creating more viral pins! 

When you click on the pin inspector, Tailwind will show you your most popular pins so you can see what other people are repinning from you.

This is utterly genius because it tells you one very important thing: you should definitely be creating more pins just like this one! 

Oh yes. Pinterest really encourages that you create more than one pin per post. So if you know that a particular pin is going crazy and getting tons of repins, make more that are similar!  

Use the same text on a different background, or change the image and use the same text. When I find that one of my pins has become really popular, I always try to make 5 or 10 additional ones to get even more traffic from that blog post.  

When you realize that you've struck a nerve and found a topic that people are really interested in, don't just move on!

Get as much traffic from that piece of content as you possibly can. 

That tip alone was worth the price of the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche for me. 


Tailwind uses a pin scheduler, a Smart Loop feature, and Tailwind Tribes to grow blog traffic like crazy, and smart bloggers use all of these features to get the best results.  

If you’re just getting started, I highly recommend starting with just the pin scheduler. Get used to adding your pins to the correct boards at the best times, and then move on when you’re ready.  

Tailwind is a powerhouse platform and it can make a huge difference in your blog traffic when used right. 

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