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Weekly Blogging Tasks to Grow Your Blog Exponentially This Year

weekly blogging tasks

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Do you ever sit there and wonder why the heck it's taking so long to grow your darn blog?

Or why it seems like the pros are gliding along with blogs that are bursting with traffic at every turn?

Let me tell you, you are not alone! 

I can't even tell you the number of times I have sat in front of my computer biting my nails and fretting about my blog plodding along at a snail's pace.

This post isn't going to show you how to quintuple your traffic overnight.

I'm not going to feed you some flash bang solution for making your content go viral in a millisecond.

Nope, I can't (and won't) give you that sort of nonsense.


I've got something almost just as good for you!

It's something that has made an enormous difference in the amount of traffic and email subscribers I get every single day.

It's simple, actionable, and it's something I still do to this day.

Want to know what it is?

It's my weekly promotion schedule, and it goes a little something like this...

weekly blogging tasks successful blog

#1. Write At Least One New Post

Okay, so I actually try to post two times per week minimum.

I find that posting twice per week is enough to continue getting me solid traffic and email subscribers, without pushing me to the brink of tearing my hair out.

It's that perfect sweet spot that gives me the benefits I want in a low stress way.

If you are new to blogging, or you are new to blogging consistently, I recommend starting with just once per week and working your way up from there.

Why not just start with blogging two or three times per week?

I know, I thought this in my head too when someone told me to start slow.

But here's the thing. It gets a little bit awkward with your readers when you start blogging hot and heavy at three posts per week, and then quickly wind down to once every week or so because you get too busy and too burnt out.

My biggest tip for blogging consistently? 

Create a backlog of posts that are scheduled using the Editorial Calendar WordPress plugin.

Once you have a month or two of blog posts scheduled and ready to go, then up your blogging schedule a bit!

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#2. Create At Least 10 New Pins for Pinterest

Pinterest absolutely LOVES new pins! If you want to know one of my biggest Pinterest secrets for getting traffic to my blog, it's that I upload a small handful of brand new pins most days of the week.

Then I add them to my group boards and Tribes through the Tailwind scheduler, and I wait.

Without fail, this method grows my traffic and email list day in and day out.

This is part of why I say it's so important to blog at least once per week. Any less than that, and you simply aren't going to have enough posts to create pins for.

I create between 3-5 pins for each of my posts, which works out perfectly as two new posts go up each week.

Here's the thing with Pinterest.

It's simply isn't enough to re-pin other people's pins and hope your account will grow. 

Pinterest wants to get new content from YOU, which means you need to take more of a creator role and less of a follower role.

create pinterest pins picmonkey-min

Saving pin templates and creating pins in bulk is super easy with Picmonkey's Hub feature! Saving my templates saves me a ton of time, and allows me to make lots of brand new pins each week.

#3. Help At Least 5 People in Facebook Groups

Surprise, surprise.

Joining related Facebook groups and helping people out is a great way to grow your blog.

Sure, this one takes a bit of a time investment. But you don't have to spend hours per day on Facebook to make this one work!

I give myself 15 minutes per day to go through a couple of the Facebook groups I'm in that relate to my niche, and I simply try to help out where I can.

Join my Blogging Boss Moms Facebook group here to join in on weekly share threads!

I answer questions that I know the answer to, share my experiences when people are asking, and occasionally include a link to my blog if I've written a post about their exact question.

Not only is this good karma because you are helping others succeed, but it will also help slowly but surely grow your blog as people come to see you as an expert.

Of course, this is something that has to be done with truly honest-to-God good intentions.

It's pretty obvious when people are simply dropping links to try to get traffic.

Be thoughtful in your responses, and be consistent in helping out, and people will want to know more about you.

(Of course, you need to make sure your blog is listed on your profile or they won't be able to find you!)

#4. Send 1-3 Super Helpful Emails to Your List

Repeat after me.

There is nothing worse for my business than a cold email list.

Growing your email list is not a one-and-done situation. Even after people have joined your list, they need to hear from you and connect with you on a regular basis.

If you do nothing else in your business, make sure you do this!

Email marketing is the backbone of your blog, and it is nearly impossible to be successful without one.

This is why my number one priority for each week is to send out two awesome emails to my Convertkit email list. It's more important than social media or then writing blog posts.

It's the little behind-the-scenes maintenance task that makes all the difference.

Whether you decide to email your list once per week or 5 times per week doesn't matter as much, but the quality and consistency is the part you need to pay attention to.

These are the people who are going to become your community, who are going to buy from you, and who are going to make your blog an actual business.

If you neglect them, they will quickly move on to someone who can help them the right way.

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#5. Respond to Your Comments

This task may be a little bit more indirect when it comes to blog traffic, but responding to the comments on your blog is an important part of keeping your community lively and interested in reading your work.

There is nothing worse than seeing a comments section where the blogger hasn't taken any time to respond to anyone.

It feels empty and cold and people tend to quickly move on to greener pastures.

You certainly don't have to respond to comments every single day. In fact, I recommend batching this task so they all get done in one fell swoop once per week.

Later on, you can even hire someone to respond to comments as part of their job as your assistant!

#6. Create A Work Plan for Next Week

I saved the best for last!

I'm all about productivity. Blogging can be a major time drain if you don't put a few things in place to keep yourself productive and working efficiently.

One of these turning points for me has been creating a to-do list at the end of each week, to be used the following week.

I don't know about you, but after a long weekend it sometimes takes me a little while to get back into the groove of my workflow. This is where my weekly to do list comes in.

As a productivity addict, there is no worse feeling for me than sitting down to my computer and just fiddling about, wondering what I should work on next.

It wastes my time, mental energy, and ends up producing nothing.

When you sit down to work with a clear list of what you will work on in what order, the amount of things you can finish skyrockets.

One of the biggest complaints I hear from other new bloggers is that they simply don't have time. They have kids, a spouse, a job, or any other number of things that is taking up their time, and thus they have none left for blogging.

Guys, MOST people can scrape up the time if they are really dedicated. You don't need to have 5 hours a day to create a profitable blog.

I've managed to create this blog on about 2 hours per day of work on average, and so can you. But it's about making use of the time you do have ensuring that the work gets done.

how to track blog posts

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Let's recap! Here are the six things you should be doing every single week to grow your blog as quickly and effectively as possible: 

  • Write at least one new post per week
  • Create a minimum of 10 new Pinterest pins per week
  • Help at least 5 people in a relevant Facebook group
  • Send 1-3 super helpful emails to your email list
  • Respond to your blog comments (and Facebook, Twitter, Insta, etc)
  • Create a work plan for next week

If you aren't sure which things you should be working on next in your blogging business, make sure to grab my Profitable Blogging Blueprint below!

It will walk you step by step through every action you need to take, in correct order, to make money from your blog.

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