​When is it Time to Make A Life Change?

It is so important for us to be intentional about our lives. When we aren't intentional, we float through our days without a plan and wake up one day wondering, how on Earth did I get here?

Being intentional is all about mapping out your life in a way that supports your purpose and your sources of happiness. It means getting clear on what you really want, and then taking daily steps to get there. When we don't know what we actually want, we find ourselves feeling frequently dissatisfied with life. We're on the path to nowhere, and it causes fear and disappointment in day to day life.

In order to feel happy and fulfilled, you must commit to taking charge of your life. And sometimes, taking charge means leaving your current path in favor of a new one. So how do you decide when it's time for a life change? When is it time to move to a brand new city? When is time to leave that long term relationship? When is time to jump ship on your boring career and start anew?

​How To Decide If You Should Make A Big Life Change

Start by asking yourself these questions:

Is this path that I'm on currently serving me?

Whenever you are contemplating a life change and are unsure of what to do next, ask yourself this question. If something is serving you, that means it is adding value to your life. Value is an emotional, spiritual, and purpose-driven benefit that brings you happiness. Is your current path adding value to your life? Is it serving you? Fear and uncertainty aren't values. If the only reason you are holding onto a life path is due to fear of change, that path isn't serving you.

If I stay on this path, what does my life look like in 5 years? In 10 years? 

This exercise works best if you can write it down on paper. Make yourself a very detailed, honest list of how your life will look in five and ten years if you stay on your current path. Do you like what you see? Will you feel fulfilled and purposeful if you stay on this path?

If I choose a new path, what does my life look like in 5 and 10 years?

Here's where you get the chance to lay out your new vision on paper. You may not have all the answers, but you can certainly make some strong assumptions about your new path. How does this new life look to you in the long term? What is your gut feeling telling you?

If I were speaking to a really good friend about this, what would they tell me to do?

Imagine that your closest friend is living your life, and they are telling you about the options they are considering. With their best interests at heart, what do you tell them to do? This exercise is so helpful because it gives you the chance to remove yourself from the emotions of the situation. When you strip away the fear and doubt from the each option, what do you see? Does one stand out as being superior to the other?

​Tips For Making A Big Decision The Right Way

​​Avoid making decisions impulsively. Here are a few questions to help you:

  • Am I resisting change because I'm scared of making such a big change?
  • Am I resisting change because I'm afraid of what it will take to get there?
  • Am I clinging to an old vision of how I thought my life would be?
  • Am I seeking unrelated change as a way to avoid dealing with a bigger issue?

You may have to overcome some fear and limiting beliefs in order to move forward, and that's okay. When I face that gut wrenching fear, I just try to remind myself this: It's okay to be scared. It doesn't feel good, but it is okay. I am not suffering.

Remember too that there isn't always a "right" and "wrong" course of action. It may not be so black and white. Sometimes either option can be a good one, they'll just take you on a different path in life. It's up to you to intentionally choose which path that is.

Question: How do you know if it is time for you to make a big life change? Have you gone through a big change in the past, and if so, what prompted you to take action?

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