Why Finding Your Creativity is Key to Feeling Fulfilled

Whether you have discovered it or not, you have a creative side to you that is dying to come out.

How to Find Your Creativity


Do you think of yourself as a creative person? Maybe you identify this way, or maybe you feel that creativity isn’t really a part of who you are.

Every person has the capacity to be creative. In fact, it is one of the traits we have that must be expressed in order for us to reach our full happiness potential.

The act of being creative helps us to feel meaningful. It gives us the sense that we are contributing- either to the world within our minds or to the outside world. Creativity causes our own personal worlds to be more beautiful. This, I believe, is why we derive so much satisfaction and joy from creating.

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How to Find Creativity through Transformations

Humans naturally love transformations. Seeing a transformation solidifies in our minds that the world is full of opportunity and possibility, and that we can be or do anything we want. This is why we love TV shows that transform people or places into something better than it was before. It is why we daydream about morphing into the best versions of ourselves.


Creativity through transformation can come through a variety of different hobbies. Consider the following:

  • Fixing up an outdated house into a beautiful home that catches the eye
  • Turning a blank canvas into a colorful painting
  • Taking a rusty old motorcycle and turning it into a fully restored vintage model.
  • Writing a novel from a blank sheet of paper.
  • Crafting a pile of old boards into a one-of-a-kind coffee table
  • Restoring an old funky furniture piece into a new and beautiful statement piece.


Finding this creativity within ourselves is a key component to having pride. While we may find that our day-to-day lives are otherwise not as exciting as we’d like them to be, those moments of flow and creativity help us to find our place in the world.

How to be more Creative

What if you haven’t found your creative outlet yet?

If you haven’t yet figured out what type of hobby or work will help bring out your creative side, don’t worry too much. It may just take a little digging. Here are a few questions to help inspire you:


  • What kind of transformations do I feel inspired by?
  • What objects do I look at and think, “I could make something great from that!”?
  • What do friends and family ask you for your creative opinion on?
  • What do you feel the need to “beautify”?


If you are having trouble coming up with answers to these questions, you most likely need to try a variety of different creative experiences that are new to you. Doing so will help you figure out what speaks to you and what doesn’t.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

– Neale Donald Walsch


The following is a list of creative experiences for you to consider. Why not commit to trying at least two new things each month?

  • Painting
  • Cooking
  • Auto restoration
  • Dancing
  • Interior decorating
  • Sewing
  • Home improvement and renovating
  • Organizing
  • Writing
  • Coffee art
  • Photography
  • Drawing
  • Gardening
  • Songwriting
  • Furniture restoration
  • Blogging
  • Cupcake art & cake decorating
  • Bird watching
  • Travel writing
  • Home brewing (beer, wine, or mead)


Don’t wait to discover what makes you feel passionate and creative! After a long day of work and errands, allowing yourself to fall into the state of flow and create something that improves your world improves your well being significantly.

Being in the state of flow is a form of meditation in and of itself. This kind of meditation can help you to feel fulfilled, happy, and purposeful. And that, my friends, is what I want for all of you!

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Question: What hobbies do you have that make you feel alive? How and when did you discover this hobby?